You must be familiar with lifts, in this article we will discuss the types of lifts that can be used in buildings. Each type of elevator has its own designation and advantages.

Definition of an elevator

An elevator is a means of transportation in a multi-storey building that moves vertically to carry passengers, goods, and other cargo from one level to another. The lift is driven by a driving motor which can be placed at the top of the elevator cabin or outside the elevator so that it requires a special room for the elevator machine.

Types of lifts based on function

In addition to the capacity of the elevator which will determine the number of passengers or goods that can be transported, you must also know that the elevator also has its own types which are differentiated according to the function of transporting the cargo, including:

Home lift

It can also be called a Home Lift. Usually installed in buildings with low passenger volume, such as private houses, shop houses, or cafes that do not really require many passengers to be transported in one lift. Some elevator providers, such as UOLA-VOLKSLIFT, also provide a special interior and exterior design touch for the lift that you can choose to match the interior design of your home.

Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevators or Passenger Lifts are usually installed in malls, hotels, and even high-rise buildings. This type is the most widely used elevator throughout the world, including Indonesia. Widely used because of the large capacity of the elevator, it is able to serve buildings with high travel distances, and the lift speed is quite fast.

as one of the leading elevator brands in Indonesia also provides Passenger Lift variants, ranging from the smallest capacity of 630kg to 1600kg. Of course, all of them are equipped with the most sophisticated security systems so you don’t need to hesitate about safety in an elevator.

Freight elevator

Every multi-storey building, especially for commercial buildings such as offices or malls, definitely requires special transport facilities that are isolated so as not to disturb guests who come. For this reason, a freight elevator is installed. The criteria for an important cargo lift are the size and weight of the goods to be transported.

Hospital Elevator

It can also be called a bed lift. This lift is intended for hospitals with the need to carry a wide patient bed, therefore the size is adjusted to the size of a standard hospital bed. Bed Lift cabins are prepared to accommodate patient beds with nurses. Bed lifts themselves have higher safety standards than lifts in general, such as handrails or railings for wheelchair users.home lift

Panoramic Lift

This type of elevator functions the same as a passenger lift, except that most of the walls or doors of the elevator are made of glass. So that it allows passengers to see outside. We often encounter this type of elevator in malls, hotels, or buildings that are not too tall and have beautiful views.


Lift This type of elevator is not intended to carry passengers. Apart from its purpose for transporting food, documents, other small items, humans will also not be able to enter it considering the small size of the elevator cabin.