If you live in a tropical country that has certain building standards to be able to create a decent and comfortable dwelling. Carrying the concept of a tropical house, this residence will be built with sufficient protection against solar radiation, rainfall, and high humidity. At least, every home design service must have a basic insight into the concept of a tropical residence that suits the characteristics of your environment. Moreover, the existence of this tropical house can be the answer to overcome the problems of dense settlements, limited land, and the need for increasingly large open spaces.

Architects will realize building engineering from a limited environment, even making it a potential that can be profitable. Because basically, the use of tropical residential designs has many advantages, one of which is the ability to accept nature’s response to transfer it as positive energy for residents. The following are tropical style home design tips to improve your quality of life

1. Raise the ceiling to reduce the heat

The scorching sun makes the whole house feel hotter. Therefore, home design services will work around this by making the ceiling higher, in order to get a larger volume of space for freer air movement. Every hot air has a lighter mass and always gathers at one point, namely the upper ceiling. This makes the lower room will be flowed by cold air with a heavier mass. Thus, tropical homes need at least the ceiling to be raised up to three meters to overcome the problem of hot temperatures.

2. Tropical houses need cavities for air circulation

The cavity of the house is needed to maintain stable air circulation. It’s even better if the house design service presents several types of open spaces in your residence, such as house voids, inner courts, to indoor gardens.

3. Cross ventilation to cope with airflow

Ventilation that is only installed on one side cannot work optimally because the result is dead angina. It is also not enough to use two opposite sides, but to use a type of cross ventilation. Home design services certainly know that daytime ventilation makes air flow stable, because wind can enter through low to high holes well.

4. Entering room light with a wide opening

Wide openings installed in tropical homes serve as sources of natural light. At the same time to provide lighting in the room when the day is still early. The existence of a light supply can make you more efficient in electricity consumption. In addition, the wide opening also serves to increase the availability of oxygen.

5. Add a protective element to the beauty of the facade of the house

The exterior of the house needs to be equipped with protective elements, such as a canopy, concrete roster, or wooden lattice that can add visual value to the facade of the house. You can also consult with home design services to provide additional functional materials such as the procurement of plant pots made of iron. The arrangement of iron pots can be used as a screen. Even the protective installation that is installed is not only decorative, but can also optimize cold temperatures and save you from dependence on air conditioning.