7 Types of Natural Stone that Can Beautify the Look of Your Home

7 Types of Natural Stone that Can Beautify the Look of Your Home

Natural stone has long been used to enhance the appearance of housing. Not only used as an accent for the exterior, for example for the pattern or motif of the front of the house, for applications around the pool or garden, natural stone is also often used for several parts of the house, for example in the bathroom or part of the living room. Natural stone is widely used because it can give a soothing and natural impression. Not only that, several types of natural stone can give a touch of luxury because of their beautiful colors like marble and andesite. But did you know that there are many types of natural stone that can be used to decorate a field inside or outside the house and here are 7 of the most popular:

Types of Natural Marble Stone


In the past, marble was synonymous with gedongan houses, aka luxury homes because of the exorbitant price. Now the use of marble natural stone is not only limited to luxury homes. Along with the times, more and more types of marble are used for the decorative side of buildings. Even now, artificial marble can be easily found. Known for its white and patterned colors, marble is usually used to create a clean and sharp impression.

Types of Natural Stone Sabak (Stone River)

Slate is formed from changes in shale or mud rock. Besides being known as river stone, another name commonly used for this rock is slate stone. The appearance of this rock is so attractive and tends to be uneven. Widely applied to the outside of the house / exterior. The color of this natural stone varies, unlike the marble stone which is famous for its white color. Although most slate stones are dark gray or light gray, other color ranges such as brown, black and even purple can be easily found. The advantage of slate stone is high resistance to cold weather.

Types of Natural Granite

Granite is a type of rock that has a rough surface, because the process of its formation is through the cooling of magma in the earth. Because of that, granite is categorized as a deep igneous rock. Granite can be easily found around mountains and on average have light colors such as gray and reddish. Granite needs to be sharpened and smoothed to be an element to decorate the interior or exterior of a residence. This natural stone has many advantages including being resistant to weather, resistant to scratches and has small pores so it is not easy to absorb stains.

Types of Andesite Natural Rocks

The name of this natural stone is taken from the name of the Andes Mountains because it used to be found around these mountains. The characteristics of andesite are easily recognizable from a gray to reddish color. The pores are quite dense but still not as solid as granite. In Indonesia alone, the center of andesite stone production as residential decoration is in Majalengka and Cirebon. Andesite which is easy to find here, there are generally two types of plain andesite and spots andesite.

Types of Temple Natural Rocks

Formed from volcanic lava, the temple stones are mostly sold in slabs. The durability and strength of this natural stone is very good so that it is very resistant to various weather, both hot and cold. The character of this rock is soothing and very easy to care for. But what you have to watch out for is that this temple stone is easily mossy, so it must be cleaned frequently.

Type of Green Natural Stone Sukabumi / Zeolite


Green stone is a rare type of natural rock and can only be found in Indonesia. Widely used on swimming pool floors and creates luxurious green reflections. Used as the base of a swimming pool, this rock does have the ability to absorb microorganisms in water and is anti-slippery so that the pool becomes safer and more comfortable.

Types of Natural Paras Rocks

This sandstone is white in color and has a characteristic smooth surface. It is not suitable to be applied as a floor with heavy loads because the rock is a type of limestone. This is because sandstone is more widely used as an application on the wall to present a luxurious and magnificent impression because the color describes these two things. After reading and knowing what is the difference between each natural stone, so which one are you going to apply for the house?