One way to beautify the house is to use wall ornaments. Wall ornaments will undoubtedly be an attraction and add to the aesthetics of the house. House wall ornaments can also have other functions other than as decorative elements to add beauty. One of them, multifunctional ornaments that can be used. There are many types of home wall ornaments that can be used to beautify. Each ornament has its own function apart from being a decoration, as well as being a storage area. For this reason, it is not surprising that currently many people use ornaments at home as part of adding aesthetics in an easy way. The following are some kinds of home wall decorations and ornaments:

1. Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most frequently used wall decorations and ornaments. Besides being able to beautify the room, mirrors also have various different functions. In addition to the main function of the mirror itself, mirrors can also make the room of the house look wider. Mirrors can also bring a new atmosphere in the room of the house. Currently there are many types and types of mirrors that can be used as ornaments and decorations in the room of the house. Different types of mirrors will even present a different room atmosphere.

2. Photo frames

In addition to mirrors, other home wall ornaments that are reasonable and often used are photo frames. Photo frames are often used as a function, as a place to display photos on the wall. Photo frames can also be used for decoration on the walls of the house, especially with the right arrangement. To beautify the house, photo frames are often used as ornaments. The placement and arrangement of the right frame will present a different look. Photo frames are often used as decoration by pasting along the walls on the stairs. In addition, the arrangement of the frame with the same color and different sizes also gives the impression of a more elegant room.

3. Photo or poster

Besides being placed in a frame, various forms of placing photos to posters can be ornaments and decorations on the walls of the house. Often photos or posters without frames are used as decorations and ornaments in the room. One of them is to give the impression of being warmer and closer than when using a frame. For photos, the trend for ornaments today is hanging through a rope. Whether it’s a special rope to a rope for lights.

4. Woven

Woven becomes a unique house wall ornament. Unlike other types of ornaments and ornaments, wicker is not widely used. Although it is proven that using wicker will be a sweet touch in itself in the aesthetics of the house. The wicker used as wall decorations and ornaments is often homemade or handmade so that it adds a sentimental touch to home decor. In addition to giving a sentimental touch, the presence of wicker in the room, especially the family room, also gives a warm impression.

5. Lamp

Lights are not so often used as ornaments on the walls of the room. Lights are not just hung from the ceiling or placed on tables and floors. Lights are also now a beautiful ornament and decoration for the walls of the room. Lamps are often used as ornaments on the walls of the room. Lamps with various shapes such as clouds to fruit and cartoon characters become sweet decorations as well as function as sleeping lights.

6. Fabrics or curtains

Curtains and fabrics with various different motifs become attractive ornaments on the walls of the house. Curtains are not only used for windows or doors. Using curtains can also be a way to cover up the flaws in the walls of the room. This is a method that is now starting to be widely used. While the fabric will bring a completely different effect in the room. There are differences in the use of cloth and curtains for ornaments and decoration on the walls of this house. Fabric is often used on the walls of the room and gives a warmer impression. While curtains are often used as wall ornaments in the living room and family at home.

7. Rack

Shelves became another very popular wall ornament. The popularity of using shelves is not only a decoration on the wall. But also with various other functions. For decoration, a shelf attached to the wall is often a place to put flower vases, candles, lamps, and even photos that will give a different aesthetic to the room. The use of shelves is the easiest ornament and decoration. And of course it gives a beautiful look to the room.