Having a cool house without air conditioning is the dream of many people. Moreover, the tropical climate in Indonesia causes the air temperature to always feel hot during the dry season. So that dependence on the use of air conditioning is common.

It is undeniable, always relying on air conditioning for the long term is not good. One of them is increasing the use of electrical energy. As a result, in addition to being the cause of home electricity bills to swell, the use of air conditioning also has an impact on the environment.

Well, to get around this, there are a few tricks to make the house cool even without having to use air conditioning with a minimal budget. Anything?

Apply Gable

The gable roof model is one of the best choices to be applied in Indonesia, which has a tropical climate. Because in addition to accelerating the flow of rainwater down to the ground, the gable roof is also said to be able to reduce indoor heat.

The sloping shape of the gable roof will create an empty space between the roof and the ceiling. So that the air that collects in the room will reduce the heat from flowing downwards.

Maximize Air Ventilation

Another way to make the house cool naturally even without air conditioning is to optimize the air circulation in the room, for example by designing cross ventilation. What does it mean?

Cross Ventilation Illustration

Cross ventilation is two openings in the form of windows or doors facing each other in a room. The function of this element is that the air is able to flow properly following the air pressure.

Make the Ceiling Higher

High ceilings or ceilings will slow the entry of heat into the room and make room for better circulation.

Tips for a cool house without air conditioning

This is because the flow of solar heat entry starts from the top, namely the roof (cover), the roof frame, continues to the ceiling, then to the rooms below it.

Therefore, the higher the ceiling of the house, the greater the percentage of reduced heat entering the room in the house.

Take Advantage of Plants

The existence of green space in the residence, including a garden with a variety of plants also facilitates air circulation. Apart from being a shade, the growing trees can direct the flow of air into the house.

Vertical Garden

However, if the land in the yard of the house is limited, applying a vertical garden to the dwelling can be done.

Besides being able to reduce the heat entering the house significantly and improve the quality of the air inside, it also adds to the aesthetics of the dwelling.

Choose the Right Roofing Material

The selection of roofing materials that can reduce heat also needs to be done, so that the house remains cool even without air conditioning.