AC has become a secondary necessity in our daily life. Just imagine, all offices, minimarkets, even ATMs are equipped with air conditioning. In addition, air conditioners are also installed in private homes so that our activities at home become more comfortable. Unfortunately, just like other electronic equipment, air conditioners can also be damaged if they are not cared for properly.

Well, so that the air conditioner in your home becomes more durable and not easily damaged, try applying these 10 simple ways to treat AC, come on! Bacaterus will provide tips and ways to maintain AC that can make your AC last for years.

Clean the AC Filter

The characteristics of a dirty air conditioner are the air that is released is not as cold as usual. Generally, this problem can be caused by a dirty AC filter. The AC filter is designed to be easily removed and installed.

To clean the AC filter, you can do it yourself without calling an AC cleaning service. A filter that is too dirty will block the flow of air coming out of the air conditioner. If left continuously, then the air conditioner will be damaged.

The ideal time to clean the AC filter is once every 1-2 months. Remove the filter and wash it using clean water and an old toothbrush. If the filter is too dirty, you should immediately replace it with a new filter that fits your AC model.

Perform Routine Maintenance

How to care for air conditioners can be started from doing routine maintenance. To perform this maintenance, it is highly recommended to use the services of an expert AC maintenance service. This maintenance includes not only filter cleaning, but also overall air conditioning cleaning. If you use a split air conditioner, the indoor and outdoor machines will be cleaned.

Use this AC maintenance service at least once every 3 months. By performing regular maintenance, the performance and cleanliness of the air conditioner can be monitored. In addition, regular maintenance can also reduce the workload of the air conditioner because the inside is too dirty.

Install the thermometer in the room

One way to maintain the air conditioner is to monitor the performance of the air conditioner every day. Signs of an air conditioner that is almost broken can be detected with a thermometer installed in the room where the air conditioner is located. A damaged air conditioner will emit an air temperature that does not match the temperature settings you set on the AC remote.

For example, you set the AC temperature at 25 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature in the room was still hot and when I checked the room temperature on the thermometer, it turned out that the number showed 30 degrees Celsius. If you find a case like this, research the problem first, who knows this temperature discrepancy is caused because the room is too big or there are too many people in a room.

If the air conditioner is in a room of the right size and there are not too many people in the room, check the thermometer again. If it still doesn’t fit, immediately call AC service services to prevent more serious AC damage.

Closing Doors, Windows and Ventilation When Turning On The Air Conditioner

Have a habit of opening the door or window while turning on the air conditioner? Be careful, this habit will only make the AC compressor work extra so that it can be damaged.

Try to always close tightly all the gaps in the air-conditioned room. The goal is that the air conditioner is focused on cooling the room and the time it takes for the compressor machine to condition the room is not too long.

This method will ease the compressor’s task by not working too long to adjust the airflow from the air conditioner to cool the room. Thus, this method can prevent premature damage to the AC compressor.

Check Freon Pressure

Freon is one of the supporting materials to determine whether or not an air conditioner is cold. If there is a leak, then the freon pressure can be reduced and this affects the AC that is not cold or actually causes the AC to turn off by itself.

Therefore, the way to care for the air conditioner so that it is durable and always cold is to check the freon pressure every 6 months. This should be done by an expert and experienced person. If it is proven that the freon pressure is reduced, ask the AC service to increase the freon pressure so that the air conditioner can work properly.

Take advantage of the Timer Feature

AC must be equipped with a timer feature. To treat the air conditioner to make it last longer, you should take advantage of the available timer feature. Timer serves to set the operating time of the AC for some time to come. For example, when you set the timer for two hours, the air conditioner will turn off within two hours.

This timer feature can prevent cases of forgetting to turn off the AC so that it keeps the AC on even though no one is in it. The existence of a timer will help to reduce the performance of the air conditioner. The air conditioner will work according to your needs only and will turn off automatically according to the timer settings.

Avoid Smoking in Air-Conditioned Rooms

Have you ever wondered why air conditioning is rarely installed in smoking rooms? The answer is cigarette smoke can increase the risk of air conditioning damage. So, the correct way to treat AC is to not smoke in an air-conditioned room.

Cigarette smoke can make the inside of the air conditioner dirty faster and make the indoor air conditioner look dirtier. Worse yet, the nicotine content in cigarettes can settle in the evaporator so that the air released from the air conditioner becomes stuffy and less cold.

Avoid smoking in air-conditioned rooms. If you have to, you should turn off the air conditioner, open the windows wide and turn on the exhaust fan so that cigarette smoke does not settle in the room.

Use AC As Needed

The ideal time to use the air conditioner is 5 hours. After 5 hours of operation, it is recommended that the AC must be turned off so that it can rest. However, there are some people who have to use the air conditioner for more than 5 hours. How to care for an air conditioner that is used for more than 5 hours a day is to install an automatic feature, a feature that allows the air conditioner to stop for a moment and turn on automatically.