Renovating a house is said to be a method that is most preferred by residential settlers to overcome boredom when living there for a long time. Besides being cheaper than moving house, renovating a house can also be a means for residents to express room ideas that they didn’t have when they bought the house. The following is a modern room that you can add when remodeling your home:

Open Space

Not only is it often applied for home renovations, the open space concept is usually chosen in new property developments because it is simple and doesn’t cost much. The concept of open space is simply defined as merging several spaces into a single unit. For example, combining the living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen area. Although the concept is a combination of spaces, there are exceptions for combining a bed and a bathroom in the unitary space. If you intend to adopt this open space concept, there are several factors that must be considered so that the area functions optimally. Some of these factors are lighting, furniture layout, and the flexibility of mobilization in the area.

Roof Terrace

Roof terrace or rooftop, known as an extension area added to the roof of the house. Where your house will be topped by this open area without using a tile. In the process of renovating a house, all you need is the casting process or on the desired roof area. This concept is often applied to the roofs of houses abroad. If you have ever watched a Korean drama, you must have seen many scenes taken in this area. This area basically can accommodate a variety of activities (multifunctional). For example, to dry clothes, a place to relax with family and playmates, a place for gardening or just a place for sight seeing the surrounding environment.

Dry Toilet

If you renovate a toilet just adding utilities and toiletries or just washing, you can change the whole concept of the toilet area. For example, by adopting the dry toilet concept which is widely used in five-star hotels or industrial coffeeshops in the capital. In simple terms, this concept separates the bath area from the toilet area. Where the toilet area is designed to be dry and minimizes water splashes, unlike conventional toilet designs which usually have lots of water splashes on the floor. Minimal water splashes have an effect on minimizing the danger of slipping due to slippage. Very safe for the elderly and small children. In addition, this separation also minimizes the humidity level of the toilet which has an impact on the unpleasant odor of bacteria and fungi. To separate the area is basically very easy. You can use a glass or fabric partition that extends all the way to the floor.