Arranging the house requires its own way so that the house remains comfortable to live in. If the house has a relief arrangement, of course it will give a comfortable impression for its residents. Therefore, as much as possible, you must make the room not seem cramped. You can do this by minimizing the use of furniture or replacing it with multifunctional furniture. In addition, the choice of paint color is also very influential on the final appearance of your home. The paint color will create its own feel in your room. For a minimalist house itself, you can use colors that can give a broad impression. for example white or a blend of monochrome colors. You can also use several color combinations, the end result of which will create the feel of a room that is comfortable to live in. The following are things to avoid in the arrangement of the house

Use of dark colored room paint

In arranging the house should avoid dark colors. if you want to apply a dark color should mix it with one or two light colors. This will give the impression of elegance and not give the feel of a gloomy room. Dark colors without other combinations will make the room look more crowded.

Arranging too much furniture

For those of you who have a small house should not be too much in arranging furniture. Too much furniture will make the room look cramped. In addition, the space for residents to move becomes more limited because the room space is full of furniture. Streamline the selection of furniture. If necessary choose a multifunctional.

Choose a wallpaper with full motifs

Wallpaper makes the room look more attractive. but if the motif is too full it will make the room look crowded. The solution is balanced with plain colors as a combination. Or you can choose simple motifs so that the room becomes more spacious because of the effect of simple motifs.

The window is too big for a small house

Large windows do help us to get good light and air circulation. but if applied to a small house it will make the design of the house less attractive. adjust the size of the window to the area of   your home. choose a medium window size but effective as air and light circulation.

Choose too many furniture colors

Choosing too many furniture colors will also make the room seem full. In addition, in terms of aesthetics is also very disturbing view. We recommend that if the room already carries one color theme, choose furniture with the appropriate color. If you want to combine it with other colors, Both on wall paint and furniture.