Maybe you and many other people have experienced doubts or fears when thinking about building or renovating your home. Therefore, it is very important to find a suitable service provider to work with you. Whether it’s an interior designer, contractor or architect, their profession includes experience and knowledge that will make your home function and look better.

But who should you choose? An interior designer who understands the function and aesthetics of a room, an architect who can present your ideas into a beautiful home, or a contractor who has a lot of insight and experience in the construction field. The answer is of course, it all depends on what you want to do, how you plan and what ideas you already have.

Interior Designers to Maximize Space Function

Do you want to show the character of a room more or want to enhance the appearance of the room at home? You can use the services of an interior designer because the interior designer’s job is more focused on the arrangement of the room.

So, what can an interior designer do? There are two main things that interior designers do, namely: planning and making the layout of a room.

“The essence of interior designer will always be about people and how they live”. These quotes clearly describe the specialty of interior designers. If you need a furniture remodel, room wall color, or want to rearrange the layout and placement of furniture, then using an interior designer is the right choice. Why? Because a reliable interior designer will connect your lifestyle and habits with the suitability of a room’s function. For example, if you and your family prefer to eat in an open space, an interior designer will design a dining room with large windows, or combine the dining room with an open courtyard.

Knowledge, experience, and even “taste” from an interior designer will guarantee a room to function properly, so that you will feel comfortable doing activities in it. If you have more budget and want to make significant changes to your home interior, then use an interior designer. Using the services of an interior designer is the right choice to balance the aesthetics, function and economy of a room. So that the room does not only function properly, but also has meaning that the results will be felt throughout your home.

Architects to Visualize Ideas into Building Designs

What about architect services? What can architects do to help with renovation or building projects for your home? Sometimes, because of an urgent need, you are often in a hurry to finish a project. You may have said the phrase “the important thing is to finish quickly” because you want a house project to be completed quickly, even without using the services of people who are experts in it.

The role of the architect is very crucial and needed in building a new house. The scope of work of an architect starts from planning, making the facade design (exterior or exterior of the house), laying out the space in the house, to supervisory services. In project implementation, customers often ask architect services for field supervision so that the project runs in accordance with the design and regulations that have been made. So, architect services are not only completed until the design drawing stage, they can also check and check the contractor’s work in the field if needed.

Then what if you just want to renovate the house? Do you really need the services of an architect?

The answer is depending on your needs. If your home renovation project does not change the shape of the house, such as renovating a bathroom (repairing the bathroom floor or walls), then you don’t need to use the services of an architect.

You can use the services of an architect to create a new design for the outside appearance of the house or the room inside if you are not satisfied with the shape of your house now.

What if you want to add more floors to your house (for example: a 2-storey house to 3 floors) or expand your house? In both cases, you really need to use the services of an architect to create a series of drawings and plans. Making drawings and plans that are accounted for by the architect is required to take care of the house renovation permit.

Unfortunately, people often ignore IMB arrangements when renovating their houses. Whereas managing a house renovation IMB is obligatory according to the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 32 of 2010. But remember, not all house renovations require an IMB, you know. An IMB is only needed if renovations include remodeling the house. For example: increasing the area of ​​the house either upward or sideways, and changing the appearance of the house facade. Arranging an IMB for house renovation requires a photocopy of the building permit for a house.

As with interior designers, architects also adjust the culture and lifestyle of the residents of the house before working on the necessary designs and drawings. Talking about the interior of a room, architects actually understand and can make interior design, such as placing furniture, because an architect must also study interior design. But please pay attention, the results may not be as detailed as if you use the services of an interior designer.

When it comes to renovating or building a house, it’s a good idea to consult the architect first, not the contractor or interior designer. It is like the architect who becomes the “captain” of your home project. So, start planning and designing your home using the services of an architect. In addition, you can also rely on the services of an architect for a more detailed description of electrical installations or water pipes. In fact, they can determine the type and location of the two installations and calculate the construction cost of a building.

So, before you start a renovation project or build a house, it’s a good idea to consider using the services of an experienced architect so that your desires are in harmony with the design being made.

Contractor as Executor of Renovation Project

If you already have a blueprint in the form of a design or house drawing from an architect or interior designer, then the next step is to use a contractor. But what exactly is the contractor doing?

The contractor itself has the meaning of a person or business entity that accepts and carries out work in accordance with the costs determined based on the drawing or design, regulations, and stipulated conditions.

As a project implementer, the contractor has a detailed framework. Before implementing the project, the contractor usually meets with prospective customers to measure the location as well as conduct an initial survey. From there, we deduce the materials used and the estimated costs. The majority of contractors usually determine the cost of each meeting with the customer or the cost of a site survey. This is actually reasonable, considering that the contractor is a business entity that has received a Business Entity Certificate and a Construction Service Business Permit. So, if you use a contractor’s services, of course the guarantees and guarantees provided by their party will be more reliable.

Another case with contractors (who are sometimes mistaken for contractors). The contractor himself is a foreman. Usually the contractor only provides a rough sketch to the customer. The process itself is based on his experience as a craftsman. However, this does not mean that the work quality of contractors is always worse than the contractors.

Then, Who Should I Choose?

A renovation project or building a house is actually a combination of interior designers, architects, and contractors. All three have their respective functions and duties. Can you employ these three services? Obviously you can. Can you only choose one of the three? The answer depends on your needs and budget.

Here are tips for determining which service to choose:

  1. If you change the shape or increase the area of ​​the house, ideally you should use the services of an architect to arrange a house renovation permit
  2. If you have a minimal budget, use a contractor, but make sure you also supervise the house project
  3. If you don’t have time to oversee the project: use an architect to oversee the construction process by the contractor
  4. If you focus on renovating the appearance of the room: use the services of an interior designer, they usually have worked with contractors
  5. If you have no idea what you will need: consult your architects as they will help you plan your home project.

Carrying out large-scale house building and renovation project work certainly requires special needs that must be considered more such as making designs and detailed designs from the architect. If you miss it, the contractor can build one too. However, the results are not as perfect as using the services of an architect. Likewise with interior designers, they can make design changes related to the structure, but it is necessary to consult with those who are competent with the structure, namely architects or contractors.

Collaboration between architects, interior designers, and contractors has often occurred in various construction and renovation projects because each of these professions has its own expertise and advantages. You can use one or more service providers, depending on your needs and budget!