Children’s Room Interior Design

Children’s Room Interior Design

Child development is strongly influenced by the interior design of the child’s room itself, starting from the placement of furniture that is efficient and safe for children, to the placement of children’s toys that are included in the child’s play area, and not forgetting to always involve children in choosing a bedroom design that really expresses a hobby. they. Until choosing a suitable color, which will greatly affect the personality and comfort of the child. Here are some tips that are suitable for creating a child’s room interior design.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals have the potential to increase children’s affection. Indirectly, stuffed animals can train children’s affection for other people or younger siblings such as younger siblings. In addition, children can learn to love other living things around them, such as animals and plants. According to research, children’s rooms that have stuffed animals tend to love other living things more easily than those that don’t.

Natural Lighting

Morning sunlight can be claimed to cure various diseases. In the morning, always try to open your child’s room window and let natural light from the sun enter and when your child is exposed to sunlight, diseases such as flu, colds, fever, typhus and smallpox will be difficult to develop in your child’s body. Morning sunlight is also claimed to provide the immune system or body resistance. It would be good if you consider planning a window that is large enough, and analyzes the direction of the morning sun so that you can maximize the entry of morning sunlight in your child’s room.

Large Mirror Installation

The placement of a mirror in a child’s bedroom has the potential for growth and development, especially to increase self-confidence in children. Install a mirror where the child can see the whole body, do not use a mirror that stands alone (free standing) because it is prone to falling. Install the mirror on the wall with the help of experts to get good results, its installation must also be considered. Installing the mirror too high can make children feel inferior. And in the feng shui theory, installing a large mirror in a child’s room can give a sense of calm.

Children’s Play Area

Child development is very influential with play activities. However, most parents do not prepare a safe children’s playroom so that children avoid injury. Some tips from us so that children can continue to play freely and parents don’t need to worry or provide extra supervision. Avoid using furniture with angled edges or sharp edges, install a puzzle carpet with a width of 60cm x 60cm or more, so that children avoid hitting the floor directly. Another tip is to choose toys that do not have sharp or angled edges, and always see the label passed the certification for the paint used.

Feng Shui Theory and Its Application

Always pay attention to the use and choice of colors in the child’s room to improve the feng shui energy in the room. Feng shui energy in a child’s room is very influential on children’s growth and development, especially on the development of a happy personality. For example, if your child is shy, we suggest installing some decorations or paintings with cheerful colors such as yellow & orange. The choice of pastel colors such as light blue, pink, is preferred for children’s rooms at the age of toddlers. This is also the case in choosing the color of the wallpaper and the motif, it is suggested that the wallpaper motifs tend to be more cartoonish. Bright colors such as red, blue, green make children easily stressed and depressed, as is the case with young colors that can calm the heart. and gives a calm and gentle impression.