No need to go all the way to the villa to enjoy this beautiful feel! After undergoing a tiring activity, you definitely want to come home to a cool and calm home. That is why a natural continental house is often a dream.

Not only provides comfort, natural nuances also increase the positive aura in the dwelling. However, of course there are some tips to bring a beautiful, homey atmosphere in the house. You don’t need a big house because a minimalist house can also work on this natural theme. Just take a look at the following tips!

You don’t need to go to the villa anymore to enjoy the beautiful and cool atmosphere. With these 7 tips, you can already create a natural feel in a cozy home!

Color selection

Tips for creating a natural feel at home, the first is color selection. Use colors that emit natural elements, such as earth tones, such as brown, beige, or orange, and green.

You can also combine it with white, black, navy, or gray for a modern touch. Not only for wall paint, this color selection can also be applied to furniture colors, really.

Combination of wood materials

Wood is definitely an important element in creating a natural feel at home. You can apply this rustic material to walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture.

If real wood is too expensive, you can also choose processed wood. Not only a thick natural impression, a touch of wood will also make your home look warm and homey.

Indoor ornamental plants

The use of ornamental plants is of course an important point in creating a natural feel at home. Psychologically, placing ornamental plants in the house will make us feel close to nature.

You can place it in various places, in the corner of the house, hanging, in the middle of the table, or even near the window. Choose a location that will not interfere with activities at home.

Wide opening for air and natural light

The number of vents, windows, or openings in the house also creates a thick natural feel. In this way, fresh air and sunlight will freely enter the house.

It would be even better if the opening or window overlooks the garden outside the house. Not only strengthen the natural impression, these tips also make you more energy efficient, you know!

The concept of a beautiful terrace

Who doesn’t want to sit in the afternoon while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere on the terrace of the house? It’s sure to make you feel at home!

Arrange your terrace neatly using furniture and decorations with natural nuances. But, don’t let the furniture block the window, making it difficult for light to enter.

To be sweeter, decorate your terrace with various plant pots. Having an afternoon tea while looking at the greenery like this must be really cool!

A touch of natural nuanced decoration

In addition to indoor ornamental plants, you can also decorate your home with natural nuances. Such as ornaments made of wood, bamboo, straw, or artificial leaves.

Artificial foliage can be an attractive option for those of you who don’t want to bother caring for indoor plants. Or, you can also apply an artificial grass carpet to ‘green’ the feel of the house.

Small garden

Well, these last tips on creating a natural feel at home will be really fun for those who like gardening. Making a garden doesn’t even need a large yard, really!

If there is no land for grass, you can decorate the terrace with potted or hanging plants. You can also choose a variety of hydroponic plants to beautify your home, yes.