The front of the house is one of the important elements in a dwelling. The reason is, this front view is what people see the most, be it neighbors, guests, or other people who just pass in front of your house. Therefore, it is very important to keep the exterior appearance of the house beautiful and stunning.

In addition to the shape of the roof, decorations, and elegant exterior paint colors, don’t forget the appearance of the fence, because this is the key. You don’t just have to use a gate, you can create it using hedge plants, you know!

Not only giving beauty to the exterior of the house, hedge plants are also able to create coolness and of course still provide privacy for its residents. Well, here Kania will share the inspiration for beautiful hedges to make the house more beautiful. Curious as to what? Come on, just take a peek below!

The Towering Bamboo Fence Plant

Want to have a beautiful hedge, minimal maintenance, and at the same time strong? If so, bamboo is the best hedge solution for you. By using a bamboo fence plant, you can have a beautiful view around the front of the house.

In addition, the quality of bamboo fence plants is also stronger and more durable than wood. Well, this bamboo fence plant can also be an alternative for those of you who have a mediocre budget because the price is cheaper, but it can still be designed at will, from the simplest to the most complex styles.

Lee Kuan Yew Fence Plant or Curtain Creeper

For fans of vertical gardens, landscapes, or hanging plants, you may have seen this beautiful dangling green plant. This type of vine is often used as a hedge in luxury residences.

This hedge is called a curtain creeper, but it is also known as the Lee Kuan Yew plant which is the name of the former Prime Minister of Singapore who organized the use of this hedge to beautify the concrete buildings and urban structures of his country. The result is really pretty, isn’t it?

Elegant Boxwood Fence Plant

Furthermore, there are boxwood hedges as a reliable privacy solution. In addition to high security, this hedge plant also has its own beauty so it is very suitable as a protector outside the house. In fact, you can use the inside of this hedge plant as a closed garden. Just by adding a patio chair, you’ll have a comfortable minimalist garden!

This hedge plant is often present in an artificial form to make it easier for residents of the house in terms of maintenance. Meanwhile, for the original boxwood hedge plant version, you will have to set aside more time or use the services of a home gardener to take care of it.

Beautiful and Natural Paper Flower Fence Plants


Who is not familiar with bougainvillea flowers? Plants which are also called paper flowers are often used as hedge plants that adorn the front of the house. As a type of flowering vine, variations in red, orange, pink, yellow, to purple colors on this hedge plant can make your home more attractive and beautiful.

Neatly Lined Cedar Fence Plants

This hedge plant in the form of a cedar tree is also often called a cypress tree. This cedar tree is very suitable as a hedge plant in a residential complex or villa because it has an ideal height with beautiful needle leaves. Its tall and dense growth makes the cedar tree a very private hedge solution.

The Alluring English Ivy Fence Plant


English ivy is an ornamental plant type vines or creepers. As the name implies, English ivy might remind you of the old castle walls in Europe. However, English ivy seeds can also be used to cover the walls of your house fence, you know!

This one plant is often used as a hedge plant because it can grow to climb to cover surfaces, whether walls, fences, or mounds of earth. In addition, thanks to its unique leaf shape, this English ivy hedge plant is also often allowed to grow in hanging pots as decorations around a minimalist home garden.

Soka Flower Fence Plant

The last hedge plant is a series of one type of ornamental flower plant that we often encounter everywhere, namely the soka flower. In addition to being a hedge plant, this type of flower also has many benefits and uses, you know!

To make this soka flower as a hedge plant is quite easy because you only need to arrange it side by side with other green plants. Soka flowers often appear to decorate the green fence plants with beautiful and attractive colors.