Do you want to have a house with a futuristic design? Here Are 5 Simple Tips For You!

Do you want to have a house with a futuristic design? Here Are 5 Simple Tips For You!

The futuristic house design is quite complicated for many people, because the planning is quite complicated in terms of furniture, storage, and other layouts. For those of you who are confused, here are 5 simple tips from Blibli Friends to change the look of your house with a futuristic design.

Paint your walls in bright, futuristic colors

The first step to changing the interior of a house with a futuristic design is to paint the walls in futuristic colors as well. For example, like white and silver. These colors can make a room look more futuristic, elegant and also more spacious!

If you don’t want to paint, you can replace it by using futuristic colored wallpaper. Because futuristic designs always prioritize a plain minimalist look, it’s better to avoid using wallpapers with excessive patterns or colors that are too flashy.

Use minimalist furniture to store your belongings

Without the right storage furniture, you won’t be able to get a futuristic impression at home! Your furniture must be minimalist in shape and can contain lots of items to support the spacious futuristic home atmosphere.

For that, you can use a minimalist stacking rack like this one. Stack some of these stacking shelves near the wall so you can immediately get a room look like the picture above!

Anyway, also make sure to always choose furniture with minimalist color combinations such as black, white, and brown to highlight the home furnishings. So that your house will not look flat or boring even though it is filled with colors that tend to be neutral.

Make your room appear bright!

A house with a futuristic design always accentuates a bright room. You can use windows and LED lights to get that impression. Therefore, let’s immediately clean the windows of your house and open the curtains wide now!

In addition, you can also install LED lights in various corners of the house such as on the ceiling, walls, and also under the stairs. With bright light from the windows during the day and LED lights at the right angles at night, your home is sure to look as futuristic as you want!

Choose materials with a futuristic impression

The material used in your home can be an important factor in supporting and accentuating the home design with the theme you want, you know! For example, materials such as stainless steel which can provide a sturdy and handsome accent and granite to present a cool, elegant, luxurious and futuristic impression.

So, to accentuate the futuristic impression in your house, you have to replace your furniture with one that has this basic material. Start by replacing all kitchen utensils and lamps with stainless steel. Then, you can change the look of your wardrobe or yours with granite stickers. Simply by layering it, the futuristic impression in your home will immediately increase.

Use decorations that support a futuristic design!

The last simple way you can do to create a house that has a futuristic design is to use the right decorations. You can choose a decoration with a geometric design and a monochrome color whose basic ingredients are made of materials such as granite and stainless steel.

One example is a geometric-shaped lamp that can highlight a futuristic design or a mirror that has a unique and modern design.

Besides that, you can also put a carpet in the living room to show a futuristic impression that is still cozy. It’s just that, always remember to choose a carpet color that matches the overall color of the room.

These five tips for changing the appearance of a house into a futuristic design are easy to follow, right? Without the hassle of doing a lot of planning and changing the structure of the building, your house can look more minimalist and elegant!

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