You can start redecorating the house by choosing house walls paint colors to choosing furniture. Given the increasingly erratic weather, it is very likely that the color of your wall paint can change quickly, even peeling off. Surely you do not want this to happen to the walls of your house. The following are tips for repainting a peeling house wall:

1. Peel off all the old paint

The first step you need to do before repainting is to peel off the old paint from the entire wall surface. This is done so that the next painting process can be more durable and not easily peeled off. Don’t pile up old paint with new paint, this will actually make your new paint not durable and easy to peel off. It’s true that peeling off old paint takes a lot of time, but to get the best results, you need to do this one thing.

2. Install a tarp or old newspaper as a base

Before starting painting, prepare a tarp or old newspaper. You can place the tarpaulin or used newspaper that you prepared earlier on the floor. Try to cover the floor where the walls will be painted. If there are no old newspapers or tarpaulins, then you can replace them with a wet cloth. This wet cloth will help you to clean up the drops of paint that fall when painting the walls.

3. Prepare a can of paint

The paint can that you prepared earlier, needs to be mixed with water to make it more liquid so that it is easy to apply to the wall. Cans containing paint only need to be mixed with 15 to 20 percent clean water. Use an old piece of wood or a ruler to mix it evenly with the clean water mixture.

4. Pour into the paint tub

You can pour the mixed paint directly into the paint tub. You should also know easy tips so that the roller does not leave too many fibers when painting. Then, remove the duct tape that was previously attached to the roller. Insert the roller into the paint tub, then pull it until the paint covers the entire roller.

5. Applying paint on the wall

Before starting to apply paint, use masking tape to cover important parts such as sockets or barriers between the ceramic and the wall. This masking tape will help protect the area from getting paint. To start painting this old wall, you need to apply a roller to the wall from right to left. Do the same thing until the entire wall is covered with new paint. You can use a brush to reach parts of the wall that the roller cannot reach. Houses with various designs such as minimalist homes sometimes require repainting to give the house a new impression.

6. Apply a second layer with the same pattern

After all the walls have been painted. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. To make sure the wall is dry, you can use your hands to pat the wall. If it feels dry, then you can start to apply a second layer to the wall. Leave it for about the same time. When you’re done, pull the masking tape or duct tape out of place. Clean the floor and furniture or items that are shifted can be returned to their original place.