Home problems have always been first and foremost. This is reasonable, considering that housing is one of the basic human needs that must be met. A comfortable house is not always synonymous with a large, spacious house. Because, a matter of comfort is not about how wide the house is or the model of the house, but how the design and arrangement of the house makes each occupant feel comfortable. So, whatever type or size of your house will not be a problem. To make a simple minimalist home design that is comfortable and not difficult, here are a few easy steps:

1. Maximize the function of the room on each floor

Minimalist Home

The first step is to determine the function of each room in the house. Choose a room that will be used as a bedroom, living room, dining room, and also the kitchen. Why is this necessary? If the function of the existing room is clear, you will not be confused in choosing the appropriate type or variety of furniture. A simple minimalist house design of two floors or more is actually not too different, it’s just that you need to pay more careful attention to the corners of the room. Don’t let it, there are corners of the house that are left empty and have no significant function.

2. Choose the right and multi functional furniture

After determining the function of each room, it’s time to fill the interior with the right furniture. This step is arguably the most difficult step because you will be faced with lots of choices. There are several things that you can pay attention to in choosing the right furniture, namely function, durability, and price. However, as a recommendation, choose furniture that has multiple functions to save space at home. As much as possible, avoid furniture with excessive amounts because it can make the room feel very crowded. Choose strong furniture with long lasting durability. Durable furniture allows you not to bother replacing one piece of furniture in a short time, it doesn’t need to take a lot of time and money.

3. Pay attention to the choice of paint color

Determining the color of the walls or the whole house is never easy. There are lots of considerations that make you doubt, starting from the fear that the color will not match your expectations when applied, the color doesn’t last long, or the ease with which the chosen color gets stained. Selection of house paint can give another impression of your home. The combination of soft colors with black in several corners or house ornaments leaves the impression of a luxurious minimalist home.

4. Problems with windows home

Simple minimalist home design does not only focus on home furnishings. Other elements also need attention, including the window problem. The function of windows in the house is not only as natural lighting or where air changes take place. If you pay close attention, windows are a link between the inside and outside of the house. Windows give two impressions at once, the condition of your house from the outside and from the inside. Dirty windows will make your house look dirty too. Selection of window materials that are not okay and dull will also make your house look dull. Therefore, to avoid a dirty impression from outside your home, you need to clean your window shutters regularly and regularly add new oil paint.

5. Make a comfortable impression with the right decoration

In building a minimalist impression at home, you are advised to use as little furniture as possible. The goal is that you don’t feel full of your own furniture. However, this often also has another effect, namely giving an empty impression to several rooms. To get rid of the empty impression, you can add some appropriate decorations. To get rid of this empty impression, the decorations you choose don’t need to be big. As a recommendation, you can choose a small decoration with a modern feel with the right color choice.