Wood furniture has been very familiar from ancient times until now. Made for various purposes to fill the interior of the room in the house. This treatment is very important and easy for anyone to do. The key to caring for the most basic wooden furniture is to identify the type of wood first. Summer with dry air, can make wooden furniture rot and break. Whereas in the rainy season, wood easily becomes damp and undergoes oxidation. This condition will make the wood easily gnawed by termites. There are several effective ways to care for wood furniture so that it lasts a long time.

1. Pay attention to the placement with the surrounding conditions

Wood Furniture

You have to understand which furniture should be placed indoors or outdoors. There is furniture that is resistant to humidity indoors, there is also furniture that remains sturdy even when placed outdoors, even though it is often exposed to heat and rain.

2. Remove dust and dirt that sticks regularly

Be committed to always cleaning surfaces, starting from wiping dust and dirt adhering to wooden furniture using a mini vacuum cleaner. Adhered dust and dirt will make teak furniture look dull and weathered. Choose a special wood cleaning liquid that is of good quality, and don’t forget to read the instructions for use.

3. Avoid water from non-varnished wood furniture


Especially for wooden furniture that is not coated with varnish, try to keep it away from water. Without a layer of varnish, wood furniture can easily absorb liquid that hits it. This will make your wooden furniture porous and damaged quickly. If wooden furniture is spilled with water or drinks, try to dry it immediately with a highly absorbent cloth to prevent liquid from seeping into it.

4. Clean it immediately if it gets dirty

When wood furniture gets stained or sticky dirt, try to clean it immediately. Use a soft cloth that has been moistened with warm water to wipe off the dirt and sticky stains earlier. After that, use a new cloth that is dry and made of soft material to rub the dirt that has stuck, until the stain is completely gone.