It will not feel complete if the house is minimalist without a garden. Parks are really needed because the presence of a garden can at the same time release the looming fatigue and become a relaxing area that is ideal for families.

Designing a garden for a minimalist home does not need a large and super wide area, a small land is also suitable for a minimalist home garden. However, you must be creative in creating garden design ideas for minimalist home exteriors. And on this occasion we will give you garden design inspiration for a minimalist home exterior that you deserve to be the best choice to complement your minimalist home. Want to design a creative garden for the exterior of your minimalist home? You can place a variety of garden items in your minimalist home garden, starting from flower pot items, garden furniture items, fountain pool items and also other decorations. You can prepare all of that as long as you have one condition to fulfill, that is, everything you prepare is comparable or balanced with the size of the floor of your garden. So the key is everything must be proportional.

In this garden you can also give a tropical impression of flower plants. However, don’t choose too many flowers because this can make your garden seem too overwhelming. Flowers with various colors can give the impression that your garden looks spacious and cheerful, but don’t overdo it. It’s a good idea to choose a few flower items that really fit your concept. If you want the impression of your garden to be tropical, you can give tree plants such as shrubs or others. In addition to plants that you also need to give your garden is a path. The goal is to give your garden a broad and long perspective and also to provide a place to go to the house that does not interfere with the habitat of the plants in the garden that you have prepared. So guests or yourself can walk the path.