Smart Home or smart home system is a house building that integrates technology in such a way for the daily life of its residents. This system has been widely glimpsed and developed by developers in the property sector in Indonesia. Smart home systems allow us to remotely manage and control home components such as water and electricity. The remote media used is a smartphone or other device that can be connected via an internet connection. Today, smart home systems are offered by new homes or properties. Smart home connects several home components into one large network to be controlled with a smartphone. Smart home with this system requires spending a lot of time and money. Over time, there are alternatives to realizing a smart phone system in other ways than connecting it to a network to build a smart home from smart products that can be connected to the internet. In the future, you can expand to a more advanced system when the costs have been collected.

1. Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting or using a lamp with a smart system where to turn on and off the light is not required direct contact. LED smart lights are also easy to find in supermarkets and other places. One of the advantages of using a smart lighting system is the same as having a smart home system, namely increasing control over the use of light in the interior of the house. Can control light intensity, light color according to the desired needs of an application system or wireless remote. Even by linking it with your google account, you can control the lighting system with the sound sensor.

2. Smart Speaker and Audio System

Of course, one of the preferred smart home features is smart speakers or loudspeakers as one of the audio systems for your smart home. Speakers can be controlled directly to gadgets such as televisions, laptops or smartphones and controlled via applications. Some smart speaker models that are excellent in the market today are the Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Mini and Sonos. Smart speakers can be used to stream music via wifi and or bluetooth, control the TV, read the news, weather forecasts, date and time and even become an alarm or reminder of your schedule.

3. Security Camera & Alarm

In a smart home system, security cameras are usually placed outside as well as inside the house. Security camera in the house to monitor the situation in the house, for example to monitor your little one, check the security of the house. The camera is outside the usual to monitor the situation in front of the fence if there are things that are suspicious. The Smart Security camera can be controlled and monitored using a smartphone, and if something happens a warning alarm will sound.

4. Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide System

One of the home security elements in a smart home system is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Some examples of smart smoke detector products, for example, are X-Sense, the Nest Lab which includes a light as an emergency smoke marker, and there are even other models that have the feature of turning on a light indicating a safe way out of the house if there is a fire or toxic smoke. All can be controlled and monitored with your smart phone.

5. Controls for Watering the Garden

If you have a small garden or potted plants regardless of shape, you no longer need to worry if you have to go for days and or forget to water the plants by applying this smart irrigation system. You can set the right time to water the plants with complete control remotely or from your smartphone. Some tools can also provide information on the intensity of sunlight so that it can give an assumption of your plant’s water needs. One of the product brands that can be chosen is Rachio or Wyze Smart Sprinkler.