The number of newcomers who prefer to buy a minimalist home rather than rent, contract or even just a boarding home is a separate consideration for developers. Minimalist homes are indeed the most suitable for today’s modern young families. Moreover, to deal with the limited land and the high price of building materials. Minimalist home is the most appropriate choice. Although the space is limited, the elegant and modern design is able to attract many people to build it. But before building a minimalist home, you should also pay attention to the inside. This is very important to note. So many housing developers and professionals such as architects will first discuss the design.

1. Home Interior Design Philosophy

Before building or designing a minimalist home, we must first know the main function of the home. As a place to live, a place for daily activities and a place for a family to apply their life values. So philosophical values also need to be considered, especially when designing home interiors.

2. Determine the size of the home

First determine in advance the size of the minimalist home. Like other types of homes, minimalist homes have standard sizes, namely home type size 36, home type 45, home type 60 and so on. Then we can design or make a floor plan of the room first. Usually for a minimalist home whose home size is not too big like type 36, there is still a bedroom, living room or it can also be combined with a family room, kitchen and bathroom or toilet. Then determine the location of the arrangement of the room.

3. Interior Design Arrangement

If you have drawn this, it will make it easier to arrange the interior design of your own home. The interior design must still characterize a minimalist home. It is worth remembering that a minimalist home does not have a building structure that is too complicated and large. The selection of building materials was chosen that was light, not overly impressed. Then the interior design will follow.

4. Interior Coloring

For a minimalist home measuring or type 45, this home is larger than the size of type 36 so that the arrangement can be more flexible. The colors chosen in this minimalist home are for example bright colors but still soft so that the room does not seem cramped. You can choose the color settings on your computer before you start painting the room. It is recommended to use colors such as white, light brown, gray, bluish white, ivory white and so on. The room in a minimalist home must look spacious and the choice of interior also determines the nuances you want to achieve.

5. Furniture Selection

Furniture or interior selection must be appropriate to be placed in the room. So furniture that is simple and doesn’t seem heavy can be used. Do not choose furniture that seems stiff, old and the material must be chosen properly. If the arrangement of the inner room is also not regulated, it will be bad for a minimalist home. Preferably in the middle of the living room and family room that is not insulated or there is no building structure, the right furniture can be placed as a barrier, such as a decorative table that does not cover the view inside.