There are so many who want to have a kitchen that looks beautiful and neat, where one alternative that can be used is to use a kitchen set as the main choice. Basically, a kitchen set is furniture that is made specifically, consisting of a cabinet to put kitchen utensils and also a place to cook. In addition to making the kitchen look neat, the presence of a kitchen set also adds aesthetic value to the room. Here are tips that can be considered before making the ideal kitchen set in the kitchen.

1. Know the area and size of the kitchen

The first thing that needs to be done is to know and measure the area of the kitchen in order to determine the size of the kitchen set that fits in it. A balance is needed between the size of the kitchen set and the kitchen area in the house. If the size exceeds the area of the kitchen, the room can look and feel cramped.

2. Determine the Kitchen Set Model

After determining the size, select the model and design of the kitchen set that suits your taste. There are several minimalist kitchen set models that can be an option, including a U-shaped kitchen set for a kitchen with a limited area, and an L-shaped kitchen set for a large kitchen. In addition, you also need to determine the components of the kitchen set according to your needs, such as a kitchen utensil storage cabinet, stove, gas holder, and so on. If you are not sure about the model and design you have chosen, you can consult with the kitchen set making service to determine the model, design, and price of the kitchen set that suits your taste and residence.

3. Choose Quality Materials

Choosing quality materials or materials is important so that the kitchen set can last for a long time. Aluminum, solid wood, polywood, and particle board are some examples of kitchen set materials that you can choose according to your taste and level of durability. Of course, solid wood is stronger and more durable than other materials. By adding finishing materials, such as deco sheet, HPL, melamic, and duco, you can also protect the basic kitchen set materials from damage.

4. Apply Appropriate Color

Color selection needs to be considered to match the interior of the house. The color of the walls in the kitchen can be a reference for determining the right color choice for the kitchen set. In addition, using neutral colors, such as white, black, or wood colors can be the right choice. Today, many also apply a backsplash to the kitchen wall. Besides being a decoration, backsplash is also useful as a wall protector from oil splashes when cooking. A ceramic backsplash can be the right choice so that the kitchen still looks minimalist and modern.

5. Pay Attention to Air Ventilation

Usually, the position of the kitchen is closer to the window to be used as air ventilation when cooking, and to maintain air circulation in the room. However, there is also a kitchen located far from the window, for example an apartment. Installing a cooker hood can be an alternative to today’s air ventilation. The function of the cooker hood is to suck smoke and hot steam from the kitchen, and can maintain the durability of the kitchen set.