Small-sized housing is often the ideal solution for building a family. Even though it’s not big, it doesn’t mean you can give up on accepting boring and mediocre exterior and interior designs. Because basically the exterior design of the house can still look beautiful without having to look at the area of the house. The following is a home exterior design inspiration that you can try.

1. Everyone’s Favorite Modern Minimalist

A small house with a modern minimalist home exterior is still often chosen as the most favorite reference. This modern minimalist inspiration is quite simple, with an uncomplicated landscape. The choice of bright exterior paint color in the form of gray looks side by side with beige on the exterior design side of the house. Sweet with minimalist home architecture, a house exterior design that you deserve to try.

2. Play in the Exterior Window

This tiny house relies on the arrangement of the window model in the exterior design of the house. In addition to being slick in terms of lighting or light, such a house exterior design is also suitable for making the house more spacious and free. Privacy may be a consideration, but this can be circumvented with a protective covering or window covering such as window curtains.

3. Landscape Supports Home Exterior Design

By utilizing natural stone decorations and trees, the exterior design of this house looks charming side by side with the outside. Although small, the house can have more character and be comfortable thanks to the shady atmosphere that makes it cool. If the outside of your house allows it to be used as a home garden area, don’t forget to use it optimally with decorations that will sweeten the exterior design of the house.

4. Artistic and Make You Feel At Home

The exterior design of the house carries a semi-open concept through the use of wood. With a certain roof slope, the exterior design of this house is more suitable for private residential areas so that a sense of privacy and security is guaranteed. If you like the concept of the outdoors, you can try this inspirational home exterior design.

5. Contemporary and Anti-Complicated

The exterior design of the house like this inspiration is suitable for small houses because of the structure and clearer lines that are more straightforward. Although simple, the exterior design of this contemporary house looks attractive, especially in terms of placing the windows of the house with variations in size. Easy access is also a priority so that getting in and out is no longer a problem through the exterior design of this one house.

6. Matching & Matching with Ideal Fence

Complete with a matching minimalist fence, the exterior design of this house offers a safe and comfortable family home. Still carrying the concept of modern minimalism, such house exterior designs are often found in complexes or cluster residencies. The choice of color is also a consideration so that the exterior design of the house looks more optimal.

7. Charming Balcony with Attractive Details

For a small multi-storey house, the exterior design of the house can also appear attractively at the top. The balcony of the house can be the center of attention that is eye-catching with a certain design, such as the inspiration for the exterior design of the house above. Small details such as the pattern of tiles on the walls add style to the exterior design of the house, as well as the color selection that blends perfectly with each other.