Minimalist style has become a style that is quite popular as a design. Minimalism in architecture itself means obtaining a good design. Such as simple in terms of form, space, material, and also color. Minimalism itself provides clarity of space and form of a design. Minimalism gives the impression of a clean, spacious and spacious room. Many people like a minimalist style but also still don’t really understand how to design a minimalist home. Minimalist style in architecture provides its own beauty and serenity in design. Here are some ways to apply a minimalist style to your home:

Simple form and function

Minimalist Style

A minimalist house has a simple design, efficient space layout, and to the point. So that the floor plan of the room will be clearly visible where the space can be placed and not complicated. The shape of the house and the room is also simple with minimal interior, not much decoration. The house built in Japan has a minimalist facade. There are not many ornaments and uncomplicated forms of windows and doors. The shape of the roof is also not complex. As for the simple layout, that is not wasting space in the house so that all the functions of the space can be fulfilled. The room is also not designed to be complex and easy to understand its use. Spaces with unclear functions should be avoided in the house.

Uncomplicated walls or exterior

If you don’t want a scoping that is too ordinary like the white house above, you can add a simple, textured material. For example, a wall with a horizontal or vertical line of facades formed by wooden planks. Can highlight the artistic value and texture. Or even by giving the color gradation caused by the color of the material that is formed naturally. Exterior walls are made with two kinds of impressions, namely smooth black walls and textured walls. Of course it will look more minimalist but it doesn’t seem monotonous or boring. A house that uses an arrangement of gray bricks that has its own style. In some parts the color will look darker and in other parts it will be too light. Looks minimalist and not too much decoration but still looks beautiful.

Gives the impression of being open and letting light in

A minimalist room will give the impression of being clean, open and bright. Not only wide openings, the house must be able to give the impression of being spacious and airy. In addition, the house becomes more comfortable and quiet with a minimalist design. The light that enters the room is maximized with wide sliding window openings. The choice of wall color in the house is very important. With neutral colors such as white or lightwood material colors can reflect light to fill the room. Furniture or accessories used are of course only what is needed in the room. So it will provide relief in the room. The eye view is also wide when looking at the entire interior of the house. The light that enters and illuminates the room gives a warm and cozy impression.

Simple details without excessive decoration

The minimalist interior is characterized by clean and not much ornamentation. Give only what is needed in the room. Like the cabin shelf as furniture in a simple designed room without excessive ornamentation. The front door is designed simply with wood material. Even though it is one of the faces of the building, the provision of material details makes it a focal point among the dark colored building enclosures. By reducing the decoration on the details, it is also one of the efforts to minimize costs. For example, without making excessive window frames, you can give a minimalist impression and don’t spend a lot of money. Designing a simple wall in the interior will give a point of interest to the outside view. If this room is given a lot of decoration on the walls, it will eliminate the focal point of the wide window.

Strategic material selection for visual purposes

Each material has a different texture and color so that it will give a different atmosphere to the space. The combination of materials also needs to be considered so that it will not deviate from its minimalist impression. The two materials used in the room have different textures and colors. On the one hand, the brick wall gives a clean impression even though it has a rough texture. On the other walls, the wood structure is smooth and gives a warm impression. If this room does not get a touch of wood material, then the atmosphere of the room will seem cold.