Minimalist-House Plans How to build a house with minimal funds has certain tips that should be considered. This is intended to prevent planning errors and calculation errors during the construction process. Every mistake that occurs during the construction process often causes development costs to be greater than the available funds.

There are several planning tips that can help you in how to build a house so that the results match what you have planned. Here’s how:

Draft a Development Plan

Making a planning concept is absolutely essential. The basis for planning will refer to the planning of the building concept and the cool design, the available building area, the use of the required materials, the labor that will be used, and how long the construction time will take. These factors are closely related to one another as a controlling measure, in case of deviations during the ongoing development process. Any deviation from the plan that occurs will have an impact on the costs to be incurred. As a simple example, if there is a delay in work for any reason, it will directly impact labor costs which will increase.

Planning the Building Design Concept

How to build a house with a minimalist design concept is highly recommended, if you have previously planned to build a house that has a simple design concept. The advantage of making a design concept like this is that on a budget it will be easier to suppress. Even though the name is a minimalist house, it does not mean that its appearance will always be simpler than luxury homes in general.

Even in this day and age, minimalist home types are becoming a very popular trend. Its minimalist appearance is very synonymous with modern concepts that can be increased to the scale of the design in order to get the impression of luxury but not expensive. Its luxurious appearance is not shown through the use of building materials or too many spaces, but its application is more to the use of room accessories. For example, door handles, glass, lighting, frames, furniture, etc.

Determine the concept of the shape of the building

Determining the concept of building shape will affect the price of building materials to be used. This must be considered carefully, before everything becomes a burden on the previously planned budget. The shape of a rectangular or rectangular house in its manufacture is relatively cheaper than making a round or triangular shape.

Because in general, angles, angles or curves usually leave behind building materials that cannot be reused in the end. In addition, the manufacture also tends to be more difficult because the size will be non-standard. The risk of manufacturing and measurement errors will be even greater. The things mentioned above are very important to remember, as one of the recommended components of how to build a house.

Comparing Material Prices

Comparison of building material prices should be done before making a budget plan. Don’t ever hesitate to start making price comparisons for sand, cement, brick, iron, paint, tile and others in each shop. This comparison will be of great help to you, because in the broad market there are sometimes price wars between sellers with various considerations. So that you have the opportunity to get competitive prices with good quality.

Conducting Material Gathering

As it has been explained before, there are a lot of material price wars between sellers in the market. You can take advantage of this situation, where at times some sellers have discounted prices. That’s the right time for you to buy certain materials that can be stored and collected in advance until all the building materials are collected by themselves. This method will be able to help you reduce the burden on your planned budget.

Using Semi-Fabricated Materials

Semi-fabricated materials or commonly known as semi-finished materials are needed in the process of how to build a house that is recommended. The reason for using this type of material is that it will help in the economics of its price which is about 30{3aef265b7e47425771d652b594facd7a407fd991fa641ca003469a52fdad639c} cheaper. An example of a Semi-Facricated material is cast brick as a substitute for cast concrete.

Make a Budget Plan (RAB)

Building a house with minimal funds The budget plan is usually made by every architect or civilian planner and consultant as an important process before implementing how to build a house or implementing other building methods. This RAB is needed in order to obtain an estimated estimate of the amount of the budget required from planning, construction to maintenance. This process is needed to be able to help planning, controlling and controlling costs that occur in each building work project.

Calculation of the RAB

The two methods mentioned above each have their advantages and disadvantages. Calculations using m² analysis are indeed faster in calculating, but in terms of accuracy it would be better if you use the unit price system.

Illustration of RAB Calculation

By using the m² building analysis system, the data required for calculation with this method is the area of ​​the building to be built and the price of the building per m² at the time of construction. Illustration:

Meanwhile, by using the unit price analysis system, the data required is to make the order of the work first before the calculation is made in more detail. Order of work:

Each of the details for the preparation of the work mentioned above is then calculated by the volume of the unit price based on the design drawing that has been equipped with the dimensions, and calculating the unit price of the work. Here’s the formula:

Comparing Contractors and Workers’ Prices

Even though you can say that you build your own house, this does not mean that you will build it yourself. You will still need professionals to be able to realize your dreams in building your dream house. Considering the factors of contractors and workers are important things that cannot be ignored, you must be selective in making choices. The price factor will be a part that will take up a large part of the planned budget budget. Choose contractors and workers who are fully committed to carrying out their work and are experts in doing their jobs, so that work efficiency can be maintained.

Development with a Growing House Concept

You can start the stage of building this house gradually, just like the concept of a house grows. The process can be adjusted according to the sequence. The example starts with building the foundation of the building first, then it can be continued with the construction of the building frame, walls and finally working on the roof.

Development can also be done in part in advance if you really want to adjust it to the available funds. Although this method will take a relatively long time, in terms of controlling the costs incurred, it will be easier to analyze. The concept of growing houses is usually also applied by several mortgage consumers who buy land from developers. The development is usually carried out in stages after the land is purchased, adjusted to the funds held.

Use Local Products As Much As Possible

To make savings in costs that will be incurred during the process of how to build this house, as much as possible you should use local products on the market. Examples of required local building materials:

Planning Multifunctional Rooms in the Residence

In how to build a minimalist house, the creation of multifunctional spaces in the planning will be in accordance with the design concept which does not require a lot of bulkheads in building planning. Examples of multi-functional rooms:

Using the use of finished decoration materials

To avoid higher costs due to the manufacture of profile decorations on parts of the building such as walls, it is best to replace the profile using ready-made wall decorations on the market. The installation will be much easier and tidier, only needs to be pasted and does not require difficult work.

Minimize Work That Requires Special Finishing

Finishing work in how to build a house is one of the jobs that will cost quite a lot. Minimizing the use of materials that require special finishing will help you to be able to control your expenses that are too large.

Those are the tips and how to build a house with minimal funds. Hopefully it can be useful and happy in building your dream home.