To make an artistic building is an architect’s job. Many people understand that an architect only makes drawings of building designs, even though the architect’s job is more than that. Not many people know what the duties of an architect are, how much they cost for architect services, how architects work and so on.

Using the services of an architect is known to be expensive and costly. You might think you don’t need to use the services of an architect, because the contractor can make the building you want. In fact, the opposite is true, the contractor’s job is very limited to be able to translate what you want. It takes the role of an architect to bridge so that the building is really as expected.

Being an architect is not an easy job. It takes formal education and years of work experience to be able to produce satisfying work. The more experience, the more works are created. On this occasion, we will briefly explain what are the duties of an architect that rarely people know.

Bridging you with contractors

This is important because you will be communicating with architects more often than contractors. The architect will translate what you want to be conveyed to the contractor in a way that is easier to understand. Architects have more knowledge than you in the field of architecture, so the contractor will be more familiar with the explanation from the architect than you.

Oversee the building process

An architect’s job is to oversee the construction process. Starting from the design of the building design, material selection, implementation, and so on. The architect will supervise the work, so you don’t have to come on site to check all the time especially when you are busy.

Make the concept the way you want

Usually you already imagine what you want to build like in your head. However, it will be difficult to explain if it is not stated in the sketch. The architect will discuss with you and express your desires in designs and design sketches. That way, your concept will be easier for the contractor to understand and implement.

Save your time and money

Using the services of an architect is perfect if you are very busy taking care of all the building processes. Architects will spend more time taking care of construction, so you can do other activities. In addition, architects will also make designs as cost effective and efficient as possible, so that costs do not increase.

Stay with you from start to finish

The job of an architect, is very important to accompany their clients during the building process. This is so that the client’s wishes can be conveyed properly to the architect to provide satisfaction for clients. If you use the services of an architect, you can solve the problems in the building process, then they will provide solutions.

Design Consulting

Using the services of an architect to build your house will be very profitable. They can provide a design for buildings and spaces that work for you. In addition, the building process will also be easier because you can share this burden with your architect. We recommend that you use an interior service that is experienced in their field to collaborate.