Choosing Chandeliers

What are the tips for choosing the right chandelier for your dream home so that it has sufficient lighting? Light is an important element that can change the appearance of a house, both natural light and artificial light. Natural light in the house is obtained from the sun’s rays that penetrate the mirrors in the house. On the other hand, artificial light is obtained from the use of chandeliers with various models.

Having artificial light in the house through a chandelier can make the house bright and contrasting, especially for those of you who like to update pictures to Instagram or social media to share good pictures. If you want to add lighting at home using lights, follow some of the following tips on choosing a chandelier:

A room that only uses 1 lamp, in fact, is still not aesthetically pleasing. Today’s modern homes even use a lot of artificial lighting, to further beautify the room in the house. A house that is right in choosing the light source will have an attractive appearance, which will highlight the function and feel of the room optimally.

For that, here are some tips on choosing a chandelier so that the house looks more beautiful and aesthetic:

Make sure the Chandelier Model is Appropriate

Currently, chandeliers are not just about lamps with warm light shades. Chandeliers today appear in an aesthetic form, matching a certain theme. Several types of chandeliers that are popular today are types of ethnic chandeliers, lanterns, to chandeliers. Likewise the chandelier for the outside of the house, it should match the theme or concept of the house.

The Right Chandelier Dimensions

The next guide to choosing a chandelier is to look at the dimensions of the lamp. For example, you want to install a chandelier in the living room, so that it is adjusted to the area of the room. If your house has limited space, then this type of chandelier with not too large dimensions is very suitable. On the contrary, a chandelier with a large dimension makes the room more spacious.

Measure the Height of the House Ceiling

Well, the next guide to choosing a chandelier is to first look at the ceiling of your home room. After that, try to measure how big it is from the ceiling of the house. Make sure that the chandelier will be installed with a height of up to 30 centimeters above your head against the ceiling of the room. If installing a very large chandelier, the light from the lamp cannot spread evenly to the area of the room where this decorative lamp is installed.

Chandelier Fits Furniture

Chandeliers that are mounted on the ceiling of the room of the house, serve as lighting as well as charming and aesthetic decoration of the room. Therefore, try to choose a chandelier that must match the furniture used at home. Tips on choosing a chandelier like this are important so that the room looks harmonious later.

Adjust to the inside of the house

The next guide to choosing a chandelier is to always familiarize the chandelier with the interior design of the house. The interior styles of the houses that have been chosen are antique, minimalist, classic to contemporary styles. The type of chandelier selected must match these themes.

Chandelier Material Selection

The next guide to choosing a chandelier is to look at the material of the chandelier. It is recommended that you choose a chandelier that also acts as a beautiful decorative lamp. There is also the material for the chandelier that must also be adjusted. For example, you choose a house with a minimalist concept, so that an iron chandelier is more suitable than a crystal chandelier.

On the other hand, a room with a classic concept is definitely more suitable for using a type of crystal chandelier, so that it looks elegant and elegant.

Trending Chandeliers

Bored with the model of a crystal chandelier or minimalist? You can also choose other types of chandeliers that are trending and popular. Unique chandeliers like those made by third hand, you can also choose as a beautiful decorative lamp for the room.

Not only the living room that must have a chandelier, several other rooms such as the dining room, bedroom, to the bathroom, can also be fitted with a chandelier.

Don’t forget the Dining Room

The next guide to choosing a chandelier is for a dining room chandelier. It turns out that the dining room can also be fitted with a chandelier, so that the dining room gets optimal lighting and is always warm. Chandeliers for the dining table are usually installed right above the dining table or in the middle of the dining table. The distance of the chandelier for the dining table is usually only 1 m from the table surface.

Want to use a type of chandelier that matches the interior concept of the house so that the house continues to be beautiful? Third Hand also has some of the best chandelier collections for your dream home.

The use of chandeliers to beautify the house cannot be arbitrary. First, we have to learn the guidelines for choosing a chandelier so that it functions optimally.