The exterior design is beautiful and ‘eye catching’ can make anyone’s eyes fascinated and arouse curiosity about the contents of the house. Therefore, there are several things that must be considered before making an exterior design. The following are things you need to pay attention to before designing the exterior of the house:

1. Know the Project Goals

Knowing the purpose of the project is the main thing and very important. Because by knowing the purpose, you can produce a project according to your wishes and needs. This goal will guide and guide you in designing the various things needed when designing the exterior of the house. For example budget, material, style and performance.

2. Know the Site, Geographic Location and Climate

Each region with different geographical location, climate and site access will have different characteristics. This difference in character can affect you in determining the material to the design. Therefore, it is important for you to recognize the character of these three things before making the exterior design of your home.

3. Know the Local Code

The concept of a co-existing project with someone else’s project makes it important to note the applicable locale code. This local code includes area boundaries according to the deed and regional zoning. This locale code is in effect for you when running performance build exterior designs. For example, the width of the building, the thickness of the walls to the slope of the roof. Designs made according to this local code can also affect neighborly relations.

4. Adjust to the Floor Plan

No less important, in making an exterior design you must adjust to the floor plan of the house. The suitability between the exterior design and the floor plan can affect the visual outcome of the project you are making. Therefore, when doing alignment between the two, it needs to be done repeatedly.

5. Guided by the Basic Architecture Principles

In making an exterior design, you must also pay attention to basic architectural principles, including proportion and scale. These principles will assist you in creating a harmonious and beautiful harmony from the projects you create.