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How to clean kitchen granite needs to be known, considering that the kitchen is a place that tends to be at risk of giving stains, such as food stains, drink spilled stains, or stains from food processing. Then how do you do it? Check out the following explanation.

How to clean kitchen granite and other types of kitchen stains

Granite is a material that is commonly used as a coating for kitchen tables. The luxurious appearance of granite is the reason for most people to place granite in the kitchen area. However, granite has a drawback if it is used as a coating for kitchen countertops, namely because of its water-absorbing properties. This property will make granite easy to absorb kitchen stains that are usually greasy or colored.

Kitchen stains that are not cleaned properly are more likely to cause marks or spots if not cleaned or if cleaned incorrectly. Therefore it is necessary to know tips and how to clean granite kitchen countertops so that the risk of spots and spots can be reduced.

Always clean granite countertops from dust regularly. Regular kitchen cleaning will reduce the risk of granite scratching due to dust or other debris. Use a microfiber cloth that is soft fibrous to prevent the granite countertop in the kitchen from scratching. Granite cleaning in the kitchen can also be done by using a microfiber cloth dampened with a little water to clean dust and other dirt on the granite countertop.

How to clean kitchen granite so that it is shiny can be done by cleaning the kitchen countertops in the same way as when mopping granite floors. Use a special liquid granite cleaner that can be purchased on the market or at a building shop. Use good quality cleaning products so that the quality of the granite surface is always maintained. Always avoid using acidic solutions to clean granite as high pH materials will slowly erode the gloss of the granite.

How to clean granite with a special liquid must also be precise and in accordance with the rules. Don’t overdo it with a special granite cleaning fluid. Just spray enough cleaning liquid to clean the granite countertop in the kitchen. Then wipe it with a soft rub until the granite is clean and shiny again.

For stains that are difficult to remove, use a special chemical solution and use it wisely and appropriately. Always read the rules for using chemicals before using them to minimize the risk of further complications.

If necessary, use the services of a granite expert to clean granite from very stubborn stains. This is safer than cleaning stains yourself without clear guidelines which will actually damage the granite surface of the kitchen.

There are various types of stains that can hit granite in a kitchen. Of course, each stain has its own characteristics. Therefore, the treatment of each type of stain on the granite surface is also different from one another. Here are some types of kitchen stains to avoid on granite surfaces along with the proper ways to clean them.

Tea, coffee, and other colored drink stains

Drinks such as tea, coffee, syrup, or other colored drinks are types of stains that should be removed immediately if they hit granite surfaces in the kitchen. The way to get rid of a spilled drink stain is to apply hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to the stained surface. Wipe gently until the stain is removed. If so, dry with a dry cloth. The thing to note is never to mix hydrogen peroxide with ammonia, as this will create poison. Just choose one of the two, and always read the ingredients’ contra indications before using them.

Ink stains

Ink stains can be present in granite kitchens. For example, when writing food recipes in the kitchen, then the pen used creates ink stains on granite countertops. The way to remove ink stains from granite surfaces is to use acetone or alcohol nail polish remover. This acetone works great for cleaning ink. The way to clean kitchen granite from ink stains is to apply it to the surface of the stained granite, then dry it with paper and do not rub or wipe it.

Food oil or grease stains

Food oil or grease is a common stain in the kitchen. These stains can occur during the food processing process or when there are traces of fatty food that have been accidentally spilled. The way to clean granite stains from oil is to use a special solution made from flour and hydrogen peroxide. Apply the formed solution on the stained granite surface, cover with plastic, then let it sit for about 8 hours. Remove the plastic and then wipe the surface with wood to avoid scratches.