Interior Design Apartments

Interior Design Apartments

An apartment is a house that is on one of the floors of a multi-storey building. In a multi-storey building it is divided into many rooms or units. Apartments that have been made by property entrepreneurs will then be rented and sold to several consumers to make new residences.

The price offered for an apartment is of course touching fantastic numbers and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, many property entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity by building apartments near hospitals, malls, and others. The goal is to be more strategic.

Even though it has a minimalist size and only consists of one room, an apartment can be a comfortable place to live. In this case, of course, an apartment interior designer intervenes in working on repairing the apartment space in it, so that the room looks good and valuable. Therefore, VH Interior Design is here to provide assistance in designing apartments.

10 Types of Interior Design Apartments

Apartment Interior Type Vintage Or Shabby

Each person’s passion for designing a room is different. Therefore, there are several design options that you can choose to suit your wishes and still have aesthetic value. Among them is a design with a Vintage or Shabby theme, which will enhance the natural impression as in the outside environment. This is of course really great for an apartment space that wants to have a different idea than usual, whether it’s in a room, living room, or kitchen. Examples of designs that are popular now are vintage, shabby chic to classic styles.

Apartment Interior with Lighting Model

Lighting in one room can be obtained from two sources, namely sunlight and lights. If a little sunlight comes into the room, then you can choose the right lamp to increase the lighting. This will give a sense of comfort and a wide impact on the apartment space. Choose a lamp that is proportional to the size of the room so that several people in it can see properly without feeling glare. But if you are a person who likes some unique things, then you can also try to use lights with colors like blue or purple in one corner of the room.

Apartment Interior Decorative Component Model

To get rid of the lonely and empty impression in a minimalist style apartment, therefore adding a few items to increase decorative accents is really recommended. Determination of decorative components can beautify the space but does not make the apartment seem cramped. One example of decorations that you can apply in an apartment space is a mirror. As already found, some people like the presence of a mirror in one room that can give broad impressions. Another decoration component is a scented candle. You can store scented candles in a beautiful fashion in a number of corners.

Apartment Interior with Futuristic Bright Colors

In designing a one-room apartment, determining the color for the walls, floors and fixtures is important and cannot be ignored. This is because determining the color will determine the situation and affect the mood of each person in it. That way the color plays a role in influencing the psychological part of the owner. It is advisable to use bright colors for the walls of the studio type apartment space because it can give the illusion of a wider space when compared to some dark colors. Some of the colors that are usually taken are white or cream, apart from that you can choose several pastel colors for the room to make it look warm. But there is nothing wrong with giving additional bright contrasting color accents in one corner of the room to be the center of attention so that the studio apartment space does not look boring.

Interior Design with Mini Bar Concept

You can add a mini bar in your kitchen space. Not only a beautiful space, the mini bar can also be used as a dining table and a gathering place to eat. By using furniture that has this dual role, therefore you don’t need to buy two pieces of furniture, instead you can save money at the same time for several activities. The choice that you can use is to choose multifunctional furniture. For example, a bed under which there are drawers for storing several items or a coffee table that can be used as a box for storing books, magazines, and other accessories.

Elegant Hanging Rack Model Apartment Interior Design

You can get around the narrow space by using space-efficient furniture, such as hanging racks, and other additional accessories. With this type of furniture, you can store books or knick-knacks without worrying about consuming more and more space. By taking advantage of this, of course, it will make your apartment space look more elegant and beautiful, because it is filled with some furniture. Generally, this kind of arrangement is done in your room space, which will give a busy impression when entering the room.

Apartment Interior Design with Space-Efficient Furniture

Furniture is a set of equipment that remains in the room to support the activities of each person in it. Therefore, determining the right furniture can have an influence on the impressions of one space. For example, a space that is not too wide is recommended to avoid large types of furniture. However, if you have a large space, you can add some of the furniture besides those that look empty, meaning that it looks crowded with accessories in the room.

All-White Interior Model 2 Bedroom Apartment

The apartment has an area that is not that big. Therefore the owner must be clever in fixing and designing the room so that it is comfortable to occupy and does not seem cramped. The right idea for a spacious and only limited residence is a minimalist style. Why? Because you can choose white paint and pastel equipment in the interior of your dining room. By wearing white, of course, will increase the clear color in it, so that the room will appear lit up even at night.

Multifunctional Type Apartment Interior

Many urban groups take studio apartment types because they offer practicality in living all day long. This type of studio generally has a small size only because it is divided into 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The bedroom space is generally multifunctional because it can be divided into several spaces such as the living room and kitchen. The area of ​​this apartment is between 20-35 mtr. square. Well, for those of you who have this type of apartment space it is recommended not for most furniture, because it will narrow the space. Do it to put a few items in an ideal place in a multifunctional space once.

Interior of a Monochrome Model Studio Apartment

Studio apartments have quite affordable prices when compared to other types of apartments. Many people who live in apartments do not have much time to look after their homes, therefore choosing an apartment near the same office can be the right choice. Monochrome type apartments are right for students or employees who have the goal of looking for practicality at a friendly price. Studio apartments are perfect for making monochrome ideas because they are not monotonous. Choose black or white with an interesting motif.