A good interior depends on how deep the potential for the taste of the person who designed it. A valuable interior artwork is an interior that gives off a strong aura of beauty that anyone who is in it can enjoy. Because in essence interior design is a process of room experience to find creative design solutions in creating functional spaces in an interior environment that support the health, safety and well-being of residents and improve their quality of life.

By adhering to several systematic and coordinated ways including analysis, analysis, and a combination of skills and extensive technical knowledge into the creative process, cheap home interior design can still make one of those elements so that client needs and resources are sufficient to create an interior that is full of project direction . For everyone, having their own house may be the top wishlist to be the biggest gain in their life. If you are successful in owning a property of your own, no matter its size or size — there is bound to be a certain sense of pride that cannot be expressed in a few words.

Basically, there is nothing easy in designing a house, the designs that are applied to each house are simple designs. A design like this is perfect for a classic home interior, which prefers a simple and practical style. Therefore, this contemporary home interior design idea can be realized by using the minimum budget you have with the colors and furniture that you want.

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This simple style will feel boring if you are not able to design it well. Therefore, try something new with a modern or contemporary style by utilizing home interior design services from VH Interior Design. You only accept the results, because our team is very experienced and ready to respond only requires a brilliant home interior design idea so that your home will be processed immediately.

Having one house is what every individual dreams of. If you are still under construction, of course you should have started thinking about the interior design of the house that you want to be applied to your home. By choosing a home interior design that fits your wish, there will be aesthetic value in one house. In accordance with the principle “My house is my palace”. Therefore, it is important for you to do the interior design of the house at all times, so that it is not boring.

Therefore, for those of you who already own a house, but are tired of the interior design, you can start to clean up. Choose a new home interior design to apply in your home. In order to be more comfortable and the house feels like new, there is nothing wrong if you apply the interior design of the house which is currently a trend for the last few times.

10 Home Interior Design Inspirations

  • Neutral Home Design: With three dominating colors, namely white, black, and gray, the interior design of the house in the living room can look harmonious even when using neutral colors. Actually, minimalist home design for using neutral colors is quite tricky. If you are not good at combining with other furniture, of course the appearance tends to be boring. Therefore, adding white to the carpet on the floor with a black base color will make a great balance. The appearance is also more complete combined with a gray 2 seater sofa. So that the walls don’t look empty, because of that you can decorate the walls with some wall art.
  • Living Home Design: White house design has never been wrong. Choose white so the master color for the walls will still fit together with any furniture, including the Cessi Dining Chair. The sturdy dining table with compact wood material enhances the completeness of the dining event. Likewise with the black hanging lamp, emphasizing the impression of a clean look and a balance of white. In order to make it look more alive, you can bring freshness from indoor ornamental plants in pots, and table decorations in the form of transparent flower vases with nets as decorative accents.

  • Warm Home Design: Familiarity in the family room can be brought with vinyl flooring that creates warm impressions. Minimalist home design using natural colors easily combined with L sofa in any color. The use of L sofa that “violates the rules” because it is not placed in a corner of the room can look cute with the presence of a unique side table in the form of a pentagonal. Enjoy the impression of a sofa recliner at the end of the room which is prime for playing games, taking a break, and sleeping because it is adjustable to be adjusted in a reclining model.
  • Relaxing Home Design: At home, if you place a seat or pillow sitting in the family room, it could be a prime ornament to make the interior design of the house more cool. Minimalist home design that is decorated using functional decorations such as pouf, borne will make you feel more at home for so long enjoying quality time in this room with your family. Using a sofa bed as the right decoration for a minimalist home interior design can provide a relaxing situation. This multifunctional furniture is really fitting to decorate the family room, especially for those of you who have a space that is not large in size. An important point in doing home design is optimal space arrangement, such as by choosing multipurpose furniture.

  • Tropical Home Design: You can bring a fresh and fresh situation like a vacation every day with a tropical minimalist home design. Tropical style home interiors are fitting to be applied in Indonesia because of the supportive weather. Giving the feel of an environmentally friendly home design can be formed with furniture made with natural materials, such as tropical wood with a special wood paint arrangement for a more beautiful appearance. You can use colors that provide support for minimalist tropical style home designs by combining bright colors such as orange, dark blue, navy, green, or a combination of blue and green like Tosca. Flooring in tropical home designs fits perfectly when using light brown colors like sand or clay colors like terracota.
  • Open House Design: For those of you who want to choose an open style house design, it can be done by over-platform or slice platform, both of which are new forms of designing an open house. This is still related to the previous minimalist home interior design ideas, adapting open ideas to space will help minimalist designs in the space feel more alive. Apart from that, the creation of the existing garden designs will also help bring the interior design to life where the room now seems connected. For furniture that you can use, such as flowers, wallpaper, and hanging plant decorations.

  • Home Design Surprise: In order for a minimalist home interior design not to feel boring, one of the tricks that you can try to apply is by giving a surprise component. This can be done by inserting a contemporary piece of furniture with an eccentric design in the middle of minimalist fixtures, or giving a garden at home. To live an attractive house, so that it doesn’t look friendly and full, so it causes damage to the minimalist idea in the space, use a scheme with the appropriate formation and color tone. For example, apply a monochrome scheme to a sofa, pillow, or room carpet.
  • Dynamic Home Design: Minimalist home interior design is the same as basic geometric shapes. The application of these forms to a minimalist home interior design that repeatedly makes the atmosphere of the house monotonous. Outsmart this by using geometric shapes that are changed to make it look more dynamic. Like the starting point, the game of color grading can also be applied to equipment to create a more dynamic minimalist design. You can combine contrasting colors with neutral colors like black, white, or gray with a more sophisticated neutral color division.

  • Artificial House Design: You can find attractive structures in a house that are suitable for your home interior, such as natural stone, wood floors, wallpaper, carpets, and several other materials. Even though you are free to experiment, be wise in choosing a structure to hold the interior losing its minimalist essence. You can also do this by experimenting with the furniture used, such as chandeliers, leather carpets, and decorative sofas, as well as providing additional photo frames on each wall of your home.
  • Natural Home Design: In a house that is actually natural, you can see it on every piece of furniture used, generally only the house on the beach has a natural feel. However, you can apply it in your own home. The thing you can do is use materials made of wood. Indeed, it will not be effective in building a house, but this is fairly natural because you will feel the classic concept, where you will feel like you are on the beach with cool air. You can also add native plants to every corner of the house. You can even use rocks and sand for the front room of your house.