It takes special skills to design the interior, and of course taste. After going through various experiences and thinking about various creative things, skills are also getting honed. No wonder so many people who try to decorate their own homes and finally give up. Here are some interior design ideas that you didn’t know about:

1. Innovative Approach

Adding space under the stairs is one way to make the room not empty and useful. However, the use of additional space under the stairs is not arbitrary. Not only adding room, you can also add a thin television shelf, and the room nearby becomes a family room.

2. High Aesthetics

The bedroom can be arranged so beautifully and aesthetically. There is room to sit around, stacked shelves are minimalist and artsy. White shelves for room decoration and of course will feel more aesthetic. The view straight out of the window, as well as the dominance of white and black, monochrome never fails to bring a beautiful modern atmosphere.

3. Minimize Long Room

For a long and horizontal room, you can use furniture that is integrated with each other. Better minimalist models like this. Adding furniture is also a pretty good idea. More minimalist, all furniture made of light wood and painted white. Wooden floors also help to minimize the room so it no longer feels cramped.

4. Wardrobe As Partition

When decorating an interior, maximizing the space and using furniture to fill the space as efficiently as possible is a pretty big homework assignment. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to make a closet as a partition. You can also add lights to keep the light distribution good.

5. Ideas About Partitions

Partitions are always an important part when talking about a large room. You can divide rooms such as kitchen, family room and dining room. Using transparent glass partitions, and providing a partition will not make your room look cramped. Even the light from outside would not be blocked.