Minimalist Garden Inspiration for You

Minimalist Garden Inspiration for You

You already know some basic tips for creating a minimalist garden. But for those of you who are still confused about the garden shadow you want to create, here are 10 minimalist garden inspirations for you.

Geometric Contemporary Minimalist Garden with Concrete and Wood

You can play with concrete and wood blocks as the basis for a minimalist garden, as in the following illustration. Several square concrete paves of various sizes are formed in a unique geometry, combined with matching wooden paving tiles, forming a pleasing minimalist platform. In between are plants or grass of the favorite type. Add sun loungers and a garden table to make it even cuter.

Confused making a minimalist garden? Just plant grass

One plant that is very flexible for any type of garden is grass. You can use it to beautify classic, tropical, and minimalist gardens. There are various types of grass that you can park, such as Manila grass, mini elephant grass, Peking grass, Japanese grass, Manila grass, Golf grass, and Swiss grass.

Mini elephant grass is easy to care for and weather resistant. Manila grass can stand being trampled on. Japanese grass is flat and smooth, but feels prickly when you sit on it. Swiss and Golf grass is smooth and beautiful, but requires extra care. Read: 10+ Inspirational Pictures of Girls Bedroom Design 2019

Minimalist Oriental style garden

Talking about a minimalist garden, of course we must not forget the maestro of eastern minimalism, the Japanese. The Japanese garden concept is also very minimalist, especially Zen planting. You can even make a Japanese garden with just a stretch of gravel, big rocks here and there. The rest, such as in the picture (such as wooden decks, plants in clay pots, barrel pools) are only accents. Because the impression you want to show is serenity in simplicity.

 Minimalist garden with a clear pool with a natural concept

As a space extension, a wooden deck is very effective. Apart from providing an additional platform for the interior, the wooden deck is also an iconic minimalist accent element. You can limit it strictly with a minimalist fence, or you can limit it with a pool, as in the example. The pool doesn’t need to be minimalist either, you can experiment with natural pool shapes. Stay cute, right?

Minimalist garden in front of the house with shade trees and coral stones

Take advantage of the limited land in front of the house by giving it a minimalist garden. Want a shade tree? You can combine it with your favorite minimalist garden. You can use a tree as a point of interest, then add coral to accent the path with flowers on the right and left – as in the example.

 Minimalist garden of concrete and grass with shrubs

In a minimalist garden, concrete and grass can be a beautiful combination. In the following example, a square concrete path is combined with grass. The minimalist impression is very thick. As a refresher are bush blocks and various types of cacti. The result is a minimalist garden that is spacious and sweet.

The house cannot be given a garden? Add a cute minimal border

Sometimes the house does not have enough land for a minimalist garden. However, you can still give it a nice minimalist garden touch. You just have to create a border between the terrace of the house with the outside with a sweet touch as in the following illustration. There can be many variations, but this is one of the simplest – a mix of coral fields and potted flowers.

Super minimalist garden with trellis for vertical garden

As an added sweetener for super land tips, limited to point 7, you can add some trellises against the wall above the border. This trellis can be a place for the vines of your favorite ornamental plants. As a vertical garden groove or your vertical garden.

Minimalist garden terraces in front of the house

Your house is higher than the driveway? You may need to create a garden with steps like the one in the picture to beautify the entrance to your house. Add plant boxes between the entryways made of the minimalist structure of wooden planks. Also add your favorite plants in it. You can immediately feel a stylish minimalist impression. Read: 10+ Most trendy modern home designs 2019

Minimalist garden behind the house that is green and cool

So far you’ve found a really minimalist garden on this list. This time you get a wholesome minimalist garden inspiration, a minimalist garden full of green and cool. You get almost everything here: garden benches, vertical gardens, living borders, shade, shade plant boxes, to contemporary decks.

Minimalist garden in front of tropical style house

Love tropical style? The following is an example of a tropical minimalist garden that can be an inspiration. The style is like an ordinary minimalist garden, but added with tropical features such as palm trees, kalatea living fences, to frog ponds. Like it?

Actually there are many more minimalist garden inspirations for you. However, we hope that some of the choices above can adequately represent each of your tastes, and can be a starting point for making it happen. Meanwhile, success is always for you.