Some Tips Before You Renovate Your Home

Some Tips Before You Renovate Your Home

Home renovation is an important thing to do. Various reasons can be the background why the house should be renovated. In renovating, home owners must think carefully about all the preparations that will be needed, because home renovation is not only costly but also takes time to work, but if more services are used it will allow it to be completed faster. Home Remodeling Tips If you are confused about what to do before the renovation begins, here are some tips on renovating a house

1. Determine renovation priorities

This is an important thing for you to determine, because if you have limited funds, you have to make urgent repairs first or carry out renovations with the original plan, such as adding bedrooms, bathrooms, expanding the living room without a partition, and so on.

Try, when the working process starts, you are not tempted by your mind to add renovations to other parts. Why? Because later your expenses will run out before the renovation work is complete.

2. Use the services of a professional craftsman

We really need handyman services at low prices, but make sure the craftsman really understands how to renovate a house properly. If you don’t know where to find a builder, you can ask for recommendations from neighbors who have used mason services, or search through a construction service provider.

3. Make an expense plan

This point is the most important part in renovating a house. You must really take into account the cost as much detail as possible. Starting from buying materials that will be used to the cost of construction services are calculated per day or in bulk at once.
The budget plan (RAB) can be made for the part of the house that is being renovated, such as for the manufacture of the bedroom, how much ceramic, cement, sand, and paint is used, including determining the type of material used, for example, you want to use instant cement like Crona Ordinary conventional mortar or cement. If you find it difficult, consult the RAB with your handyman.

4. Use used building materials

When demolishing or renovating a house, sometimes you will find some building materials that are still suitable for use, such as frames, doors, strong wooden beams, and so on. You can use these used materials to reuse in the home renovation process.
The used material can be reused after being polished using varnish or varnish, and paint to make it tidier and look new.

5. Protect your belongings

Protect your belongings to avoid dust. You can move items such as benches, tables, or electronics to another room that is not renovated, including covering the floor while painting the walls. This is also useful so that your items are not exposed to dust, and to reduce the possibility of buying new items, if the old ones are damaged.

6. Preparing temporary housing

If you renovate the entire house, or make the house level, most likely you need a temporary place to live so that activities carried out at home can continue without being disturbed by the activities of the builders who are working. What’s more, if you dismantle all the roofs, the temporary shelter can protect you from rain and heat.