Minimalist urban house designs are currently popular and many people bring the urban concept into their homes. Although not everyone likes the concept of an urban-style house because indeed everyone chooses a different picture of a dream house. You can find the characteristics of a minimalist and modern home design in the concept of an urban-style house. On the exterior, houses with urban concepts tend to have an elegant and modern impression. The exterior of this house concept is also not much different from a modern minimalist house and the interior adopts a simple modern style. Here are some inspirations for a minimalist urban home style:

1. Use of Soft Natural Colors

The concept of a minimalist urban house tends to use soft colors that seem natural and neutral. Not only black and white can give a neutral impression, but colors like brown and gray can also make the room feel elegant and minimalist. The color combination is the main key in creating a modern feel in your home. But that does not mean you have to use monotonous colors to be applied to the exterior and interior.

2. Selection of Simple Furniture Designs

Minimalist urban houses also carry the use of simple-style furniture but still look modern. This urban concept house does not use a lot of decorations. Where the room in it is made as simple as possible, but looks beautiful and elegant. You can also apply to your living room the use of a minimalist coffee table combined with a matching colored sofa.

3. Adding Ornamental Plants

Minimalist urban houses do not use much decoration to fill the room. This is to create the impression of a more simple and spacious room. As a decoration to fill the empty space in the room, you can use ornamental plants. Besides being able to beautify the room and give a fresh impression, the use of ornamental plants can also make the feel of the room more comfortable and relaxed.

4. Interior Design Made Spacious

The concept of a minimalist urban house tends to use an interior design that is conceptualized so that the room looks wider. To get a broad and airy impression, the interior design is made simply and doesn’t have many accents such as bulkheads. In addition, the furniture and furnishings used are also very limited. So the use of furniture or items that are not important is avoided, so that the room does not seem full.

5. Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural lighting from sunlight is the main thing in implementing the concept of a minimalist urban house. The concept of an urban-style house is widely applied in big cities. The density of houses and buildings in urban areas makes most houses not have good natural lighting. So that the concept of an urban-style house applies a house with sufficient natural lighting. Where the lighting in the house can affect the health of its inhabitants.