The kitchen will feel cramped and uncomfortable if you put the cooking utensils carelessly and out of place. You will also find it difficult to cook and also difficult to find the equipment needed because you put it carelessly. Even a spacious kitchen will feel cramped if you don’t organize your kitchen utensils properly. Especially if your kitchen is narrow, it will be more crowded if you don’t arrange it properly. By arranging kitchen utensils well, it will give a broad impression to the kitchen and make those of you who like to cook more comfortable when in the kitchen to channel your hobbies. Here are tips on arranging equipment to make your kitchen look more spacious:

Hang cooking utensils

Having cooking utensils if you don’t place them neatly then the kitchen will look messy and feel cramped. Therefore, take advantage of the kitchen wall and hang the utensils neatly. You can use hanging tools for the kitchen with the design you want because of the various models.

Use vertical shelf

If the kitchen space is not so spacious, it takes creativity to arrange the equipment so it doesn’t look messy. One of them is by using vertical shelves to store cutlery and kitchen spices. By using vertical shelves, you can arrange them neatly and find things easier if you use these shelves. If your kitchen space has a high ceiling, vertical shelves will fit perfectly into your kitchen.

Take advantage of the bottom

When in the kitchen for storage, glued to a cupboard or dish rack, it is not uncommon to ignore the bottom of the sink which is usually left dirty and empty. By first cleaning the bottom of the sink, you can make the place a place to store cleaning equipment and cooking utensils that are quite large.

Arrange according to size

Storing large equipment is an obstacle when arranging a neat kitchen. Besides being very space-consuming, more than one number will take up space to store them. To store the equipment, try to collect similar equipment and stack them according to size. By applying this, you will greatly save storage space and make the kitchen look neater.

Use jars to store spices

If you have a lot of stock of kitchen spices, in order to make it look more presentable and attractive, you can store the spices in a jar made of clear glass. By using a jar, you will find it easier to find the spices you need. Using a glass jar will be more hygienic than storing it in a plastic container.