Modern house designs are not always synonymous with concrete walls. There are many other alternatives that are no less interesting for your dream home, one of which is a modern wooden design. Wooden house materials have good quality if they are built with the right planning using quality materials.

If you are currently planning to build or renovate a house, a wooden design model can be the right reference to make it happen. Well, before you decide on a wooden house design according to your needs, it’s a good idea to consider the following features, design models, and tips on caring for it.

The advantages of wooden house models

  •     The design is very exclusive, artistic, and different from the house in general.
  •     Provides a cool and natural feel so it is suitable for tropical areas.
  •     The renovation process is relatively easy because it doesn’t need to be done as a whole, just the damaged parts of the wood.
  •     Wooden houses that are designed with high technology (modular house concept) are very easy to assemble and place and move to the desired location. However, until now the concept of a modular house.

Disadvantages of Wooden House Models

  •     The cost of realizing a quality wooden house is quite expensive. Not only do you need quality wood materials, you also have to design the design accurately so that your wooden house is truly sturdy, comfortable, and according to your needs.
  •     The construction or renovation process requires special experts for maximum results.
  •     Wooden houses are also prone to damage due to fire and floods, so the location must be in a place that is not prone to disasters.
  •     The wrong home care will make the house easily damaged by termite attacks or extreme weather changes.

There are many kinds of inspiration and elements of a modern wooden house that can help you determine the best design:

Combination of Wood and White Interior

Modern and classic nuances will be present in a wooden house whose interior is dominated by white. Besides giving a modern impression, the combination of wood and white interior also makes the house seem more spacious. This unique style house design will not seem out of date because it always looks attractive.

The existence of the Glass Element

The existence of glass elements will also make a wooden house appear more artistic. You can add elements in the form of large windows or room dividers made of glass as a variation of the interior of a wooden house. The addition of glass elements also makes the house more energy efficient because sunlight can illuminate the whole house from morning to evening.

Added Mezzanine


Limited land is not an obstacle to realizing the concept of a wooden house with the modern design you want. You can actually work around this by placing a mezzanine which serves as additional land. A small house that is designed with an additional mezzanine and high ceiling will seem more spacious and still comfortable.

Japanese Style Design

The trend of wooden houses is also suitable to be combined with Japanese-style interiors in 2020. The minimalist and warm Japanese interior will enhance the natural impression of the wooden space. Those of you who like a minimalist lifestyle will feel at home if you have a Japanese-style wooden house.

Natural Stone Components

Natural stone can be the right match to complete a wooden house with a modern style. The use of natural stones as accents will give a cool and natural impression. Choose unique natural stone motifs so that the feel of your home seems more exclusive than other wooden houses.

Tips for Caring for a Wooden House

In order for your wooden house to always be durable and sturdy, then you must carry out several maintenance processes regularly, including:

Routinely clean dust and other dirt on wood surfaces. The cleaning process can use a damp cloth that is softly textured.

 Take preventive measures to minimize the risk of termite infestation at home. You should consult a pest control service so that your house is always protected from termites.

 The wood coating process must be carried out regularly, namely one to two times a year. Coating is very important to protect the wood surface while maintaining its strength.

 Starting the right habits with all family members to care for wooden houses, for example not moving things by dragging on the wooden floor, minimizing the use of fire around wooden elements in the house, and cleaning the terrace so that the wooden house is not prone to mold due to the influence of plants and damp weather .

A modern and comfortable wooden house will definitely make you and your family feel at home with your activities at home. It’s time to prepare the best planning so you can realize a modern wooden house design in the near future.