Making a swimming pool at home is no longer just a lifestyle to make it look luxurious, but has become a necessity of life. Yup, swimming is one type of exercise that is very good for health, you know, so it has become a daily necessity. For those of you who often use the swimming pool at home or are running a pool rental business, you have to pay attention to several important things so that your swimming pool remains clean and durable.

Swimming pool is one of the places that is prone to getting dirty and even mossy, so it must be treated intensively. Caring for and cleaning the swimming pool is certainly not as easy as cleaning the floor at home. It takes some technical ways to clean the swimming pool to keep it maintained.

Cleaning the swimming pool definitely needs some care. For swimming pool equipment or pool filters, you can immediately search online. So you don’t need to bother looking for shops that sell online equipment in the market or at the mall. Well, before you look for swimming pool equipment or are planning to build a swimming pool in your house, let’s first consider three things you have to do to clean the swimming pool to keep it well maintained.

Do not let The mushrooms Grow in the pool, check the pH level in the water

Algae and moss are one of the culprits that cause the clarity of water in swimming pools to be lost. One way to treat the water in a swimming pool to keep it clear is to inhibit the growth of organisms. You need to check the PH and chlorine levels in your swimming pool water.

You have to know, unsuitable chlorine and Ph levels in swimming pool water will have an impact on users, and you can get irritated to your eyes, skin and other organs of your body. If the PH level of the pool water has passed the level, immediately add chlorine with the measured dose. In this way, it can inhibit the growth of algae and algae.

Filtering dirty The pool with a water filter

The location of the swimming pool in the house is generally in an open space. So it has the potential to be hit by dirt such as leaves, dust or even animal feces. Indeed, you can use a net to remove visible dirt, such as leaves or other visible objects.

Water filters are one of the most effective tools for cleaning dirt in swimming pool water. The water filter can filter out dirty rubbish mixed in swimming pool water. Now to care for, renovate and beautify your swimming pool you also need some tools, you know. One of them is like an example of a swimming pool lamp which serves to beautify the swimming pool at night. Meanwhile, a swimming pool pump is really needed if you want to renovate, or maybe just make a swimming pool in your house

Clean the entire Floor or any selection of the pool

Dirt in a swimming pool does not only come from dirt that settles in the water, but also dirt that sticks to the floor or the entire pool. Clean the entire pool floor by emptying the water in the pool first. You can do the cleaning with a brush so that the bacteria that sticks to the walls get rid of your swimming pool. A swimming pool that is healthy and suitable for use is protected from bacteria or fungi that can cause disease or irritation of the skin.

For those of you who are currently building a swimming pool business or already have a swimming pool, you can search for equipment to clean the pool online first. The first thing you need to do is find a swimming pool contractor if you want to build a private swimming pool at home. But if you want to make a swimming pool for your business you can look for a waterpark contractor. Good luck, friends entertainment 🙂