Maybe some of you are planning to build a house or make renovations and changes to some parts of the house. Popular home decorating trends that can make your home look unique and contemporary. Decorating the house is one of the fun things. You don’t need an expensive budget to do it either. Just choose 1-3 rooms that are your priority, then start decorating them one by one. If you’re confused about where to start, here are some popular minimalist home decor references, which can definitely make your home fresh and not outdated.

1. Cottagecore house trend

One of the current home decorating trends is a house with a cottagecore theme, or in other words, back to nature. The desire to reunite with nature is the desire of most people today, because a house with an atmosphere of being one with nature will create an impression and feeling of comfort for its residents. One way is to use wood elements in some parts of the house.

2. Wooden floor with Herringbone pattern

This Herringbone floor is a much sought after floor in 2021. Herringbone is a motif that is composed of a series of rectangles or parallelograms that form a zigzag-like pattern that is arranged regularly. The name of the Herringbone pattern is taken from the bone structure of the Herring fish, a fish that has a characteristic bright silver color and lives in the sea. This Herringbone floor pattern is also known as a pattern that tends to resemble the letter V. The floor with this Herringbone pattern will look perfect and is more practical to install if you use SPC flooring.

3. Japandi house trend

Japandi is an interior design that combines Japanese and Scandinavian designs. The result, a minimalist house with a Japanese style, but still looks modern and modern in Scandinavian style. The furniture used is simple, but still functional. More details about the Japandi design will be discussed in the article itself.

4. Home decorating trends with dried flowers

Nowadays, the unique will be more and more popular. This trend still has something to do with the cottagecore style, which is one with nature. These dried flowers are very beautiful as decorations both indoors and outdoors. Some of the most popular dried flowers are delphinium, lagurus, hessian, and lavender flowers.

5. Roof windows

Due to the pandemic conditions that make us spend more time at home, of course we will also look for ways to be as comfortable as possible when we are at home. Roof windows, also known as skylights, are a trend that most people currently use for their dream home. This will make the house healthier because there is enough light and of course it will be more energy efficient. You can make this roof window or skylight using GNET Trimdeck material.