There are times when you feel bored with the residence they live in. To overcome boredom, there are many ways they can do. Starting from redecorating to renovating his house. Compared to moving or buying a new house, the majority of people take renovation steps because they are relatively simple. Renovation ideas are also a crucial thing to have before doing renovations. Not a few people who managed to renovate their homes but were not impressed soon after it was finished. The following are renovation ideas to make your home more memorable:

Open Balcony

An open balcony is a large open area which is intentionally made open on one side of your house. Its manufacture is quite simple, you only need to add a bulkhead on one side of the house. Many use the open balcony area as a place to have a garden above the house. In big cities such as houses for sale in Jakarta and Bandung, many houses have applied this idea for similar activities. You can just use this open balcony as a place to relax with your family or friends.

Multifunction Bar

Not a few people think that the kitchen is a room with a design that has absolute standards. The important thing is there is a sink, a place to put a stove, and a number of areas to place a refrigerator and cooking utensil storage cupboard. To make your kitchen more classy, ​​it’s a good idea to get rid of the old understanding of a kitchen and start renovating it. One of the ideas in making the kitchen feel classy is to create a multifunctional bar in your kitchen. The bar is a structure that combines a cooking area, washing dishes, a dining table at the top of the bar and a storage area for utensils at the bottom of the bar. This idea is widely applied by popular cafes and coffee shops. The benefits are actually very good, namely being able to streamline the allocation of space for a kitchen.

Open Space Idea

The idea of ​​open space is quite widely applied, not only for renovations, but even for new residential projects. Open space is integrating several spaces into a single space, but it does not apply to combining a bed and a bathroom in it. When you open the door, you can immediately see the living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen in one unit. This idea is widely applied, especially for those who take a minimalist design in their interior. The renovation process is quite simple and does not cost much.