There are various choices of home styles to choose from when you want to build a new house. Not only minimalist home styles, there are many other styles or home models that are no less interesting. One of them is a modern European style house, which has a distinctive architecture and will never be boring. Modern European-style houses have a more fresh and contemporary architectural style. This is because this house was compiled by architects by adjusting to the development of modern times. The following are some tips that can be applied to build a modern European-style house:

1. Combine Distinctive Colors

To get a modern European-style house building, the color combination given must be right. European-style houses have distinctive building colors, both ancient Europe and modern Europe. The typical colors of modern European-style houses such as gray, brown, yellow, beige, and others. Combine a maximum of two colors as the most dominant color.

2. Roof is made sloping

Building a modern European-style house is not complete without a sloping roof. Because, most houses in Europe have a sloping roof. The purpose of making the sloping roof is to make the house look more balanced. You can design a house with a sloping roof to make it easier to clean too.

3. Add Pillars

The pillar that towers in front of the house is one of the typical icons of a modern European-style house. So that the atmosphere of a modern European-style house is more pronounced, build pillars with designs according to your wishes. Can be plain design or given a little touch of carving. Pillars built in a house will also create a majestic impression.

4. Build Towering Fences and Doors

One of the characteristics of a modern European-style house is that the doors and fences are very high. The most modern impression in a European-style house is found in this section. Therefore, you can follow the style of towering doors and fences to make it look more modern.

5. Provide a Balcony on the Upper Floor

Modern European style houses mostly have a two-story design. To make it seem more luxurious and modern, you can also add a balcony at the top or second floor. In this section you will also feel the vibes of a modern European house that is also luxurious.

6. Carving On The Wall

The European style house has distinctive carvings on the din. This carving will also give a modern impression compared to ancient European-style houses which are still rarely carved. The placement of carvings on the walls of a European-style house can also add artistic value to the feel of your residential interior design.

7. Add Modern European Furniture

Things that can add a modern European impression to your home by choosing the right furniture. Typical European furniture usually prioritizes the impression of beauty and luxury but still looks simple. You can follow the design of the furniture and adjust it to the style of the house you are building.