Building a house from scratch is not an easy challenge. To get it, we really have to be involved in planning and development from start to finish. If the process is not carried out carefully, we may spend a very large amount of money just to build the exterior of the house. In order to save money on building your dream home, here are some frugal tips for building a house from scratch:

1. Careful planning and consultation

One of the most important things we do to get our dream home is to plan in the form of the overall design of the house. Therefore, we need to find quality home design services or architects. Apart from that, we need to survey at least three architects to get opinions and other alternatives. After the survey is done, then we choose which architect is the most suitable and in accordance with our budget.

2. Uncomplicated and minimalist design

Costs can be reduced if we design the house in a minimalist manner because there are not many decorative ornaments on the facade of the house. The minimalist design will also make housework time go faster. We can also save more by designing a multi functional room. If you want a work space, then create a work space that is also an entertainment space. Or, combine the kitchen with the dining room which is given a partition.

3. Efficient construction team

The most important thing for the construction team is being able to work according to the given deadline without sacrificing the quality of being meticulous and tidy. Choose foremen and construction workers who can really be trusted, then our time will not run out to supervise them. Don’t let us experience problems that will ultimately be financially detrimental, such as missing building materials, runaway workers, or later houses with poor results.

4. Do your own research on material prices

We need to know the prices of common building materials on the market and record the building materials to be used. You must do this before forming a construction team. This step must be done to prevent manipulation of material prices by fraudulent construction foremen or heads. If you already know the price of materials, check the invoice that will be given by the foreman.