The house plan is part of the initial planning when you want to build a house. Don’t just make it, because basically to make it requires precision. so that later the house built is really comfortable to live in. The following is the importance of making a house plan before building a house:

For Good Layout

Build a House

Of course, if the house will be divided into several rooms, then make a house plan with great care. Don’t just get hung up on the amount of space needed, pay attention to the size of each space so that each space can function properly later. It should also be considered in positioning each of these spaces. Strive for private spaces that are invisible from public spaces, so that activities in private spaces can be carried out freely.

Placement of Doors, Windows and Ventilation

The door serves as a tool for the movement of both people and goods from one room to another. By making a house plan, the placement of the door can be planned properly including the direction it faces, so that later it can function optimally without disturbing/disturbing the nearby space and also circulation between rooms can take place comfortably. Placement of the main door should get serious attention, because it relates to the direction of the house. Consider as well as possible in determining the direction of the main door.

Cost Budget Planning

House plans can be used as a medium for calculating building materials and the costs required. Buying building materials can be measured precisely, so that the estimated amount of funds needed for building a house can also be known before starting construction.

Planning in the Arrangement of the House

When making a house plan, you can plan the placement of furniture at the same time, so that later it looks neat and can be used optimally without making the space crowded. Improper placement of furniture can interfere with the comfort of the occupants of the house when walking from one room to another. Natural lighting can also be blocked so that it is not evenly distributed throughout the room.

Water and Electricity Installation Planning

House plans can be used as a medium for planning the installation of clean water and electricity installations, as well as for the disposal of household waste water. Even when the house is finished, it will still be useful because knowing the locations of the water and electricity installations will make it easier to handle them if there are problems with those installations.