There are many reasons why simple minimalist home designs are still very popular today. Besides not being complicated, the clean impression it offers is really pleasing to the eye. One of the inspirations for a minimalist house, can be done with a modern tropical design that is not only simple and neat, but also makes the residents feel at home. There are a number of tricks that can be done, including the selection of basic colors to create a neat impression.

1. Use of base colors

The striking characteristic of a minimalist style house is the use of basic colors such as white, gray, beige, and black. You can find all these components in the living room. To enrich the atmosphere, one side of the wall is covered with wallpaper whose texture is able to reflect light. The addition of patterned cushions and live plants in one corner, is effective in brightening the atmosphere.

2. Patterned frame

In addition to the beautifully arranged living room spoiling the eyes, there are other parts that are sure to immediately attract attention. The wooden frame that is installed as a barrier between spaces is formed with irregular geometric patterns, but instead looks artistic.

3. Tropical living room

The family room is designed with an open plan concept to make it feel spacious. That’s not enough, a transparent wall that separates the indoor area from the swimming pool becomes a soothing sight. Want to relax while chatting or swimming, all can be done at once in this room.

4. Spacious bedroom

For those of you who crave a spacious rest room with high ceilings and all-white beds, choose floors and various wooden furniture to give a special warm impression. A wide window that becomes a source of natural light makes the room feel more spacious. Modern minimalist home designs sometimes face the challenge of appearances that are considered boring. The solution, can be added some texture in some parts. For example, such as a wooden partition with an irregular square ornament. The same formation is also presented on the fence. Creating the impression of a unified design like a related storyline