Of course, land prices will increase from year to year along with the times and the less land available in the city. Many people outsmart the problem of limited land and expensive land prices by buying narrow land to reduce the budget. As a result, the building area that can be built is limited. There is nothing wrong with buying a narrow plot of land and building a tiny house. With the right small house design, narrow and limited indoor spaces can still look wider. Here are tips that you can apply to a small house so that it looks spacious.

Mount the Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or shopping center with a mirror mounted on their inner wall area? It was a trick that was deliberately used to create the impression of a large room. You can also apply this kind of trick to your home. The bigger the mirror you use, the more spacious your home will feel. Not infrequently the mirror that is installed has the same size as one wall area so that the space feels connected to the reflection.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Surely you’ve seen a piece of furniture with a variety of functions. An example of multifunctional furniture is a bed under which there is a drawer to store things. The existence of this drawer is able to save space by replacing the function of a cupboard, for example. Multifunctional products can sum up the amount and size of furniture in a tiny house. Choose the one that suits your individual needs and tastes.

Install Large Window and Curtains

The existence of large windows can make a room look more spacious. Because the large window facing the outside is able to give a sense of space that seems to continue outside. In addition, large windows can make the intensity of light entering the house more and more. Then, the use of large curtains helps to give the impression of a higher ceiling so that a small room will look wider vertically.

Reduce Bulkheads and Doors

If you have a narrow area, try not to give too many partitions or boundaries between one room and another. With no partitions between spaces, your home will look much more spacious and airy. Or, if a room still needs a partition, use a partition with a gap or hole so that there is continuity between one room and another.

Precise Ceiling Design

The shape of the ceiling or ceiling design of the house will also determine whether or not a room is wide. In limited space, try to make the distance between the floor and ceiling as high as possible. This of course will make the room much more spacious. And just like the walls, the use of white or other bright colors on the ceiling of your house can give the impression of a wider room.