Steps to How to Make a House Plan for Beginners

Steps to How to Make a House Plan for Beginners

Interested in making a home design but confused about where to start? If you are one of the people who ever thought that, here we will answer your questions. Want to know how to make the ideal house plan? Come on, see the following article!

Yep, designing a house plan is not an ability that everyone has, but anyone can learn it, including you. There are simple steps you can do even if you don’t have an architectural and interior background, .

Before getting into how to make a house plan, let’s look at the definitions first, let’s go!

What Is A House Plan?

A house plan or floor plan is a scale diagram of a room or building seen from above, so that it can describe all parts of the building. It can be depicted in the form of one floor of a building or a room which in the drawing includes the size of the building, furniture, or whatever is needed to fulfill the building design.

How to draw a good house plan is when you can increase comfort by creating a good flow between one room and another.

Making a house plan is very important when you want to design a building. From the approximate size of the building alone, you can determine what furniture is suitable for use, how is the wiring system, is there any free space, and much more, .

Characteristics of How to Make an Ideal Home Plan

What are the characteristics of the ideal house plan?

Before following how to draw a house plan, you must know a few things. Let’s look at the points one by one!

Versatile and flexible space. Make sure in the future that the family room can easily be converted into a bedroom or vice versa. Flexible space will be of great help in the future, .

The ideal layout. For example, you deliberately designed a bathroom that does not face the dining room. This is ideal, because you can enjoy the meal in peace, .

Calculate the size of the room. How to make a good house plan is to calculate the size of the room by considering how many people will live in the room. Do they have room for activity? Is there room to put furniture?

Good air circulation. Consider where you will be installing the air vents and doors. Make sure there is no stuffy or humid room to maintain health and cleanliness in your room, .

How to Make a House Plan

After knowing the definitions and characteristics, we will now discuss the stages of making a house plan. Let’s start from the first stage!

Step 1 – Create a list of activities

The first step in how to make a house plan is to list the activities that you will do in the room later. Suppose you are a YouTuber who needs a recording studio. That means you have to leave space to serve as a mini studio.

Or maybe you like to cook, which means making a spacious kitchen so that you stay comfortable when you spend hours in the kitchen.

Step 2 – Determine the number of rooms

After making a list, how to draw a house plan is to determine how many rooms and the number of floors you will make.

If the building already exists, you just need to survey the existing room and divide the room according to your activity needs. But if the building doesn’t exist yet, you can draw a plan based on the size of the land and the location to be built.