Important things that must be considered before making a mezzanine

Important things that must be considered before making a mezzanine

Want an additional floor in your house but your budget is limited? You can try building a mezzanine. This is a smart solution to overcome the shortcomings of space in the house while creating the impression of a spacious and spacious home. Amazingly, the mezzanine can be built without major renovations. You don’t even need to destroy the existing home building design.

You can add a mezzanine if the minimum height of your house meets the requirements, which is more than 3 meters from floor to ceiling. Ideally, the mezzanine should be 4-5 meters high. So if you want to make a mezzanine, there are important things that you must take into account before starting.

Here we describe some of these important points.


Mezzanine comes from the Italian word mezzo which means middle. That is, the mezzanine floor is actually in the middle of the room, between the floor and the ceiling. Keep the lower room and upper room at a normal height so that people can pass by calmly and comfortably. The basement must be at least 2.5 meters high.


Ideally, the mezzanine is made only 1/3 or 1/4 of the total area of ​​a room, so it doesn’t cover the entire upper area because it will give a stuffy and gloomy impression. Wide voids are key in building a mezzanine. Herein lies the difference between the mezzanine and the attic / second floor. Mezzanines absolutely need voids to keep air circulation smooth and give the impression of being airy and tall.


A mezzanine can be used almost as anything, but because this is a semi-open space, it’s a good idea to make it a less private area, for example as a family room, watching TV room, play room, reading room, or work space. Determine the function from the start so you can determine the right design. A mezzanine can also function as a bedroom, but your privacy and comfort will definitely not be as good as a closed bedroom.


The mezzanine is an additional space, but that doesn’t mean you just need to build it carelessly. As an integral part of a house, it would be nice if the mezzanine was still built using quality and strong materials, such as mild steel, lightweight concrete, and wood. The finishing also needs to be done as well as possible so that the beauty of your mezzanine can be exposed from below.

Lighting and Air Circulation

These two things are absolutely to be considered in building a mezzanine. Don’t let your house become more claustrophobic with the presence of a mezzanine that looks annoying. Make lots of ventilation holes, also install several large glass windows to optimize lighting and air circulation. The upper room tends to be hot, so design the air circulation holes as well as possible.


The stairs are the main part of a mezzanine as access between rooms. You need to pay attention to the size, location, and design so that your mezzanine looks neat, not careless. Combine the stairs with the interior of the main room so that it matches and doesn’t give the impression of being “disturbing.”


Not only the main room, the furniture in the mezzanine room also needs to be carefully considered. Choose furniture that is small, portable, and minimalist to fit on the top floor. Choosing the wrong furniture will actually worsen your mezzanine design. Light portable furniture will also not overload the mezzanine structure.