Adding a floor to a house that is not designed as a multi-storey residence is not easy. Along with the increase in the number of families, the expansion of the house does need to be done regularly. However, if the land is limited, then one way that can be done is to renovate the house by adding floors. There are various considerations that must be considered so that the home renovation process runs smoothly and you get the residence you want. The following are things that must be considered before adding a floor of the house:

1. Pay attention to the foundation

Adding a Floor

The foundation is a vital thing for a house. Especially if you intend to add one more floor above it. If it is not sturdy enough to accommodate the additional load, the house may collapse. Therefore, pay attention to the foundation before starting to renovate the house. If the foundation is not strong enough, then the current is reinforced on the tread foundation to even out the foundation load. With this reinforcement, the foundation will be ready to withstand the additional load that will be placed on it.

2. Choose Materials That Are Not Too Heavy

One of the things that must be considered when you are going to add a floor to your house is to choose a lightweight but quality material. This type of lightweight brick is highly recommended because it weighs less than ordinary bricks. The use of lighter materials aims to reduce the load on the foundation.

3. Location of Stairs to Go Up

When you decide to renovate your house by adding floors, make sure you have enough space to build the stairs. Even if it turns out that there is not enough space, you can choose a slimmer staircase design or maybe a spiral model that takes up less space. However, since the stairs will be used by all family members, make sure the position is not too steep and safe to pass.

4. Pay attention to the Floor Plate

Floor slabs are floors that are not directly above the ground. This floor will be the separator between the bottom of the house and the top. Floor slabs usually consist of stacked beams covered with a certain material. There are several floor slab construction methods that you can use when adding floors, including the conventional method, the half slab method and so on. You can consult with your contractor to get maximum results.

5. Pay Attention to the Installation of the Plumbing

Leakage of clean water lines or sewers is a problem that often occurs in high-rise buildings. In addition to disturbing all residents of the house, installing the wrong and leaking pipes can make building materials rot quickly. One of the anticipatory steps you can take is to properly and firmly install the pipe during the casting process. Also choose a pipe material that is durable so that it is not easily broken. Another thing that is no less important is ensuring that the pipe layout on the 2nd floor is the same as the 1st floor. The goal is to simplify the installation and repair process if there are problems in the future.