Want to know how to keep your house tidy even if you have a toddler?

Everyone dreams of a neat and clean house. This dream disappears when your little one likes exploration. The house is messy, unruly, dirty, and looks chaotic.

Which is more important, children are happy and enjoy exploration or a tidy house? Of course children are more important. However, a beautifully organized house is also a thing that can be ignored.

Some of the following things you can do to make your house tidy while still keeping your toddler active.

Watch out, don’t limit

Children like to explore everything. That’s how they learn.

For example in terms of wall scribbles. To prevent this incident, give the child the understanding that the wall is not a good place to draw. Provide books or picture cards for children to express their expressions.

Another way that can be done, is to place a large blackboard on one side of the wall. Let the child be creative on the board and he can channel his hobby on the wall.

Invite to Play Outside the Home

Fathers and mothers need to regularly invite their children to play outside the home or cluster environment. Also invite peers. So his energy and energy are distracted by other activities.

One of the reasons children have a hobby of letting their toys fall apart in the house is due to the lack of time for children to explore the environment outside the home.

If necessary, parents can set aside time specifically so that children want to explore the page. For example, by making an artificial swimming pool, taking him to camp using a small tent, or just playing football in front of the house.

Educate and Give Understanding

Parents need to educate children about “tidying up toys themselves after use”. This is their duty. Training children to tidy up their own toys is also a form of responsibility education.

So, if possible, the child must have his / her own storage area for toys. And so that children are interested in tidying up, try to find storage that has a unique and cute design. For example, a basket in the form of a city bus or an animal.

In addition to baskets for toys, provide several other baskets for storing common objects at home. So when you are busy and you don’t have time to clean up your house, you just have to throw things that make a mess (except trash) into it.

Place the storage area in the corner of the room so that it is not conspicuous. If necessary, choose a storage area with an attractive design. And when there is free time to tidy up the pile of items, immediately arrange them in their proper place.

Provide a trash can

Don’t confuse all the trash cans — especially the one in the nursery. Distinguish between dry and wet trash bins. This is because wet waste tends to attract fungi and bacteria more quickly.

Immediately throw your trash out of the house after a few hours and keep the baby out of the trash.

Invite Children to Clean

Before the child settles in the room, make sure the room is clean from dust. Choose sheets and beds that are safe and toxin free, and clean floors, windows, and all corners of the walls to keep them dust free.

Open the bedroom window to circulate air. Use light color wall paint, for example white, light blue, or light green to keep the room bright.

Give them simple and easy portions to share in cleaning their own room. Can also provide a special time to clean the entire house together. For example, “Cleaning Time” while playing and giving rewards when done. Cleaning activities will be a fun and enjoyable moment