When you are determined to get married and build a household with your partner, the most important thing to have to start you off is housing. Do you need inspiration for your dream home to stop by?

Usually, every bride and groom has started looking for housing before you get married. However, there are also those who are just looking for housing after getting married. Between the two times, there is nothing wrong in choosing. It all depends on the decisions you make and adapted to each other’s lives.

When you are choosing a dream house, you also have to discuss it together because later of course the house will be occupied by both of you, even with your children. If you are still confused about choosing a comfortable residence, below are some inspiration for your dream home for newlyweds. Come on, listen carefully, ladies.

Develop a home grown concept

this is the inspiration for the first dream home that you can make as an option. After getting married, maybe you will only live alone with your partner. This situation is not a benchmark for you to have to choose a super duper mini house on the grounds that there are no other family members, aka still two.

However, keep the thoughts out of the way, ladies. You have to think about the concept of a house for the long term. When you have children, where do they want to sleep? Of course it requires a wider space.

This is the inspiration for the dream home that is right for you to apply. You can compile a growing house concept. The technician is from the beginning to buy or build a house, already has a plan to make a two or three story house.

Even after getting married you will only use the first floor. At least the second and third floors can be paid in installments when you have children later.

Simple one-story house

The inspiration for the second dream house that is right for those of you who are just married, is to have a simple house with just one floor. If you want to have a terraced house, but in reality the budget does not support it. So, it’s better to choose a simple house with type 49/91 or 54/94.

The two types above, you can make one master bedroom and one child / guest bedroom. You can also develop a building area at the back, really. However, make sure beforehand about the structure of the building is strong for additional construction.

Make a house plan comfortably

The inspiration for your dream home for those of you who are newly married is to make a house plan that is so comfortable for you to stop by. Having a small house is not necessarily uncomfortable.

Currently, there are lots of inspiration for your dream house with small buildings and designs that you can imitate. Don’t forget to provide natural light and air into the house. Of course, you can also touch the furniture with natural elements to add comfort at home.

A place to pour creativity

This is the inspiration for the last dream home that you can apply as a newlywed. Be quite specific about the differences from the old generation of parents.

Currently, newly married millennial couples are more likely to need housing that can pour creativity to support their lives. Before choosing your ideal residence, you need to make sure that you have room for it all.

that’s the review above regarding 4 points that you can apply in inspiring your dream home for those of you who are new. If your daily activities spend more time outside the room, then you must have a large enough yard to accommodate all the creative ideas that exist.


It’s different if it turns out that you spend more time in the house, at least having a special room to express unlimited creativity.

If you want to fulfill your wishes in your dream home, you better look for more inspiration for your dream home from various media. If you are still not satisfied, you can choose other alternatives that you can do.

One of them is that you prepare interior design services to be able to completely transform your home into a dream house that you can live in with your loved ones.