Caring for the house starts from ensuring the area is free of garbage, checking the quality of the exterior and interior of the house and doing regular cleaning. A house can be your most valuable possession and most expensive purchase in your life. Home becomes the most comfortable place and creates beautiful memories. That’s why a dwelling must be designed according to the tastes of its inhabitants. The house will lose its warm feel if you do not take good care of the house. Rain, heat and dust are the main threats that risk damaging the house. Keeping it in good condition is mandatory. However, taking care of the house has become an activity that is often neglected. Because we are too busy with other time-consuming activities such as washing, cooking and working. Here are some tips to keep your home beautiful and sturdy:

Prevent House Leaks

Leaks in drains can be expensive, which is why it is important to take care of this one part to minimize the risk of serious damage. Especially when the rainy season comes which makes the water discharge rise on the roof of the house.

Humidity Level Control

High levels of household humidity can cause mold and serious health hazards. Excess humidity can also attract rodents and insects into the house. To prevent this, pay attention to the ventilation or windows. If it is too dirty or often wet, this indicates that the air in the house is too humid. You can work around this by diligently opening the window in the morning and cleaning it regularly with a special cleaning fluid.

Keep Air Clean

Dust and vacuum your space regularly or hire an experienced house cleaning service. You can also purchase a special air purifier if you prefer pets such as dogs and cats. If necessary, start placing indoor plants that are proven to be able to filter air pollution in the house and replace it with clean air.

Keep AC Clean

Air conditioning can also be a cause of poor room quality, especially when the engine can no longer function to filter dirty air, because the cold air released can actually harm our health. At least check and service your air conditioner every time to make sure the quality is maintained.

Clean the Ceiling Fan

The next home care tip is to clean the fan. Having a ceiling fan can help keep the air in your room circulating and possibly lower energy costs. Make sure that the fan is clean, so you don’t inhale the dust that collects on the fan.

Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean

Clogged dryer ducts and vents can cause a fire. It is important to clean the vents annually and replace the old accordion-style interior dryer ducts with metal ducts. Once the ducts are cleaned, your dryer will operate more efficiently as well.

Check Exterior Components

Check the paint regularly to make sure there is no serious damage and that everything is in good condition. Paint helps protect your home from heat and rain. Get an opinion from your home inspector or a reputable roofing company about the condition of your shingles or other roofing materials.