If you and your small family want to design your tiny house to make it look more attractive. Organizing or designing your tiny house is not easy. This will seem easier if you have some tips in designing your home. So that your tiny house design looks attractive, here are some tips that can be used in designing your tiny house:

Decide on a theme

A small house will usually look cramped if it has several themes. For that, you just need to choose one theme. A small house will look narrow with several themes because the house usually does not have a partition that limits the rooms. You can support the theme you want to highlight in the house. Choose furniture that is not too big because this will make your house narrower.

Designing a family room

If the family room is usually identical with a large and comfortable chair, then you can be tricked into designing your tiny house by placing a bed in the family room. That way, you can save space if family or relatives come. In addition, you can change the function of the drawer by placing small household furniture. It has the dual purpose of being more concise and also easier to find when you need it.

Choose soft color

You need to choose soft colors so that your home becomes more comfortable to live in. Soft colors such as cream, white or ivory yellow. By using soft colors, it will make the walls of your home more beautiful and clean. It would be better if you choose a color that can be wiped with water so that your paint becomes more durable. Paint that can be rinsed with water has a more glossy texture. If you go to a paint shop, you can ask the paint seller so that you can choose this type of paint.

Choose a small and rare pattern

If you want to use wallpaper or an image that has a pattern, you should choose a pattern that is smaller and less frequent. It aims to make your home seem more spacious and also relieved. Avoid using wallpaper with a large and tight pattern, besides it will look cramped, it will also trigger the occupants to be easily stressed.

Don’t block the room

If you have a small house then avoid too much room divider. If this is done, it will only make your house narrower. You can insulate the room but in a place that must be insulated. This is only to limit your privacy, for example a living room with a family room.